Avon Eight-In-One Metallic Colour Palette

Avon 8-in-1 eye palette

Must-have palette with eight complementing ey shadow shades, perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

Price: R169.95

Availability: Contact 086 010 2345 to find a sales representative near you, or Avon.co.za.

What we say:
We all know that Avon products are perfect for the babe on a budget, as they’re affordable and long lasting. The Avon Eight-In-One Metallic Colour Palette is no exception! With 8eight stunning shades, this palette is such a bargain.

These shades are definitely more suited for a night out, but if you’re like me – you won’t let that bother you! I first experimented with the gold and maroon colours, using the grey as a highlighter. It looked really cool – the gold is gorgeous!

The next colour I tested was the teal, and it really complimented my light eyes. The great thing about this palette is that it has a colour for every skin tone and eye colour – it really caters for everybody’s needs. I applied the eyeshadow at 6am and it lasted until 6pm. I was really impressed! These shades will definitely last you through a night at the club, you won’t have to panic about getting dreaded raccoon eyes!
– Anja


10 Responses

  1. There is only one problem with Avon’s eyeshadow – they are a bit too light. I have purchased the metallic range and it is truly better than the other range. I would suggest it, but Revlon is better.

  2. I love this colour palette from Avon. It has stunning colours! I think they should get more palettes like this in various colours!

  3. Iam a huge fan of Avon and Justine as they are affordable products and I work with ladies who sell the products. I got my Avon 8-in-1 Palette while it was on special and I’m happy with it. I can mingle with the colours very nicely. What I really loved about the product is it’s slim, sleek, pocket friendly and the little mirror is just a bonus. It’s very sassy and most importantly, Avon is improving when it comes to their products. I am impressed. They should keep up the great work.

  4. I saw this from one of my friends and it works well, just not very mad about the colour combo though.

  5. This Avon 8-in-1 palette is one of my favourite products. This is because of the range of colours available to choose from. Not only that, but the pigmentation of the eyeshadow is very good. The colours are very easy to apply and they stand out against my dark skin.
    The eyeshadow, however, does not last all day, as Avon claims. 5 or 6 hours, at most. You will definitely need a re-touch if you are going to be spending all day at the office.

  6. I am not an eyeshadow person, I prefer neutral eyes, with black liner and mascara. But I must say this palette impressed me. The colours are stunning, long lasting and highly pigmented. Great value, as Avon is known for

  7. I love this palette for the following reasons:
    1) High pigmentation, so colours really pop on your eye lids.
    2) It stays on for hours.
    3) Although it is metallic and looks gorgeous, it is not too shiny for every day wear.
    4) Avon has specials from time to time where you can get this for under R100.00.
    5) It has a shade for every mood and occasion.
    6) Only big CON: Avon tests their products on animals!

  8. I bought this a while back and I wouldn’t say I love it, but it is a good palette. Some colors are really amazing and some aren’t.

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