Azzaro Club Men

Azzaro Club Men

An explosive composition that is simultaneously  tonic, aromatic and sensual. This fragrance has two facets:

Aromatic electro facet: sparkling and bursting with freshness from the very first notes. A bold fusion awakens our curiosity: Energising lemon sorbet and biting green papaya.

Nocturnal: the richness of hemp with the voluptuous woody notes and aromatic aroma of Hinoki wood. The radiance of crystal musk leads us into a sensual and luminous world.


Price: R595
Size: 75ml
Availability: Selected department stores nationwide.

What we say:
Black and bold, the bottle that is – with what looks like a disco ball but square, (errr let’s call it a disco square…) cap. The cap goes on firm with a click, which is a great as I tend to let these things lie around in the vehicle storage space under the dash or side pockets.

I almost always test my new fragrance on my ladies at home (13 yearr old daughter and of course the wife) and try to get them guessing about which new brand I was wearing. In this case they got it wrong, totally! They love it though, a bit sweet for me, with some spiciness looming, but this fades a tad bit after an hour or so.

Last 3 – 4 hours approximately, although my wife says she can smell a hint of it later in the evening so all’s not lost.

Love the product, look and feel – definitely for the distinguished gentleman!
– Grant


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  1. I recently bought this for my husband while traveling abroad. What a wonderful clean and masculine smell. I will make sure to re-stock this one frequently!

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