B.O.N Natural Oils Tissue Oil

Hiding or Covering Up Unwanted Blemishes?

BON Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil is a clinically proven face and body tissue oil, formulated from natural oils to nourish your skin and thus help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, ageing and dehydrated skin.

Suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin* – safe* to use on the whole family.

Picture your skin having that silky smooth soft glow, soothed from those red blotchy rashes often associated with the use of chemical skin care products.

This Vitamin E enriched formula combines a unique blend of naturally derived avocado, grape seed & rose hip oils to nourish and improve the appearance of your skin.

Clinically proven results: 

* Increased skin hydration.
* Wrinkle depth reduction.
* Improved skin firmness & elasticity.
* Smoother skin tone.
* Reduced stretch mark and scar appearance.
* Ideal for sensitive skin*.

* Please note that each person’s circumstances are unique, as such, we cannot and are not allowed to guarantee specific results (nor is anybody else). Some people may be sensitive to specific ingredients, please check the ingredients tab for more information. The results other people experienced may not be the same as the results you will experience using our products.

RS Price: R80 for 100ml

Availability: Online and at Clicks stores.



3 Responses

  1. 07.06 2020
    Dear Sir,
    I was THRILLED to discover BON Liquid Gold … but find that it is wasteful and messy when it is sprayed. The spray is too strong and splashes off the skin.
    The oil also weeps out of the bottle at the fitting when sprayed , despite tightening it completely.

    Seeing that it is LIQUID GOLD I do not want to waste a drop.

    I’m very disappointed and have changed my mind about buying it as gifts for the several people I’d had in mind.

    Mrs Barbara Russell

  2. This product has worked wonders on my stretch marks, and is perfect for winter dry skin.

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