Badger Nutmeg & Shea Body Moisturiser

Soothe, smooth & totally improve. Intensive treatment for very dry skin. This super concentrated, long-lasting moisturiser works magic on your skin! Organic cold-pressed East African shea butter is one of nature’s most powerful skin restoratives, and ideal for everyday use.

Price: R112.00
Availability: Selected health stores nationwide

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4 Responses

  1. Any product that contains Shea butter always attracts my attention. Its an essential ingredient used by most West African countries and after numerous visits to Ghana and seeing the beautiful skin condition of most Ghanian women, I now use it religiously on my hands, neck area and any other dry areas that occur in summer.

  2. I got a tin of badger peppermint and tea tree foot balm in one if my ruby boxes, it looked like zambuck but really helped my husbands cracked heels. Badger products do the job, just wish they smelled better!

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