Baldessarini Nautic Spirit EDT

Baldessarini Nautic Spirit EDT

Baldessarini Nautic Spirit is a fragrance that unites the different facets of a day on board a yacht. Exotic passion fruit and juicy mango stand for the zesty, refreshing splash of sea spray. The heart note features a very special ingredient that is only very rarely found in fragrances: curry leaves. They bring multifaceted olfactory components to the composition, with peppery, resinous and slightly citrusy notes that have a uniquely exotic spiciness. Fused with ginger and cardamom, the result is a balmy, spicy harmony that reflects the warm, elegant materials used to craft a yacht.

The base note culminates in a composition of musk and sandalwood. Of course, this latest scent also contains the brand’s signature ingredient – patchouli – a hint of which features in all Baldessarini fragrances. This composition gives the fragrance a supremely elegant and warm note that is reminiscent of the last rays of the sun on sea-kissed skin at the end of the day.

The striking fragrance stands out with its beautifully harmonious contrasts. The dynamic, marine freshness of the opening notes, paired with the spicy notes in the heart and the warm base creates an exotic hot-cold effect that tangibly caresses the skin.

Price: R680
Size: 50ml
Availability: Selected department stores


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