Garnier BB cream

A new affordable all-in-one technology that instantly evens skin tone, blurs lines and imperfections, a boosts healthy glow, offers 24hr moisture and has UV protection of SPF 15. The formula was developed based on Garnier’s skincare philosophy of providing exceptional sensorial quality in richness, pleasurable application, sensations of comfort, fragrance and nourishment.

What we say:
‘If there was ever a product that I could say makes me feel like I’m literally glowing, it would have to be the Garnier BB cream. When I apply a thin layer onto my face using my fingers, it simply glides onto my skin while the pleasant smell makes me feel refreshed. It blends so well into my skin and gives that luminous look. I feel like I can conquer the world!

‘I am not a fan of thicker foundations so this product really is my new favourite. The BB cream, which is actually known as a blemish balm, is used to treat, protect and even skin tones. The Garnier BB cream has an SPF of 15 and offers 24 hours of moisture. My skin never feels dry at the end of the day.’
– Zoe


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  1. This product works well to cover up minor imperfections however the colour has a grey undertone which resembles a sunblock. For a glam look, I would definitely recommend using the cream together with a foundation as the cream is not full coverage and there can be quite an ashy appearance. There are different types of BB creams available. The original formula can be quite oily so this one should not be used in summer. The other variants give a matte effect but this should be avoided in winter as the skin is visibly drier. Overall it is a cheaper alternative to a foundation so it is good for those on a budget and for those that do not have many imperfections to hide.

  2. I’ve been using this BB cream for about 4 years now. I am quite happy with the texture especially since it is light weight. Does not give full coverage, but it is buildable. Only downside is that the tube can become messy around the section where you squeeze out product. I just manage it by cleaning it every week or so. Good value for money. Always find my shade at Dischem stores

  3. I use this product every single work day of my life as I don’t always feel like layering on a foundation. This is quick and easy and is absorbed easily into my skin. I don’t experience any breakouts with this product which is great as I have severely sensitive skin. I use a setting powder over it and I get a medium coverage which is fine for everyday wear. It stays in place all day this way and never cracks or settle into fine lines. I wish the coverage was a bit better without the setting powder as I can see that this does make quite a difference. However, I use setting powders all the time anyway so it is not an extra step in my routine as I do it all the time. Other than wishing I had more coverage, I think this is a great product. Very hydrating and light on the skin.

  4. The container looks luxurious for the price, The BB catches the eye. Good quality good coverage and moisturising enough, good container 50ml, good price for volume, easy press tube for daily use.

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