Clarins Beauty Flash Balm


If you snooped around the beauty bags of many a supermodel in the ’80s and ’90s (and still today, we’re sure) you’d find a much-used tube of Beauty Flash Balm. It’s a legendary radiance booster and instant wake-up call and can cleverly be used in more than one way. While it’s simple to smooth on (just a thin layer, mind you) after cleansing and toning and immediately before your make-up, you can also use it as your mask up to three times a week (tip: it’s particularly good for very sensitive skin). The demand makes this SOS skin saver speak for itself. Beauty Flash Balm (which, incidentally, is 30 years old) is one of the top 10 sellers in South Africa and one of the top three in France.


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  1. this is every woman dream product…its delivers all the time and is true to what it promises to deliver ! not too pricy and the results are awesome !

  2. This products history speak volumes. One of the best ever by Clarins … it’s worth every cent.

  3. Beauty flash balm is a beautiful feel product with a delicious smell!
    I personally love products that smell great as well as work for your skin.
    Being a beauty therapist & an EX Clarins consultant for about 2 years and a mother of 2, i am a firm believer of cleanse,tone moisturise everyday & have first hand experience with this product.
    I am a huge fan of radiance boosting products, beauty flash balm moisturises, refines skin texture, mixed with foundation gives instant radiance, after application it has a cool feeling & once given a minute to dry also gives radiance before applying makeup. its beautiful smell comes from its patented blend of plant extracts
    which gives it that extra WOW factor in taking ultra care for your skin.

  4. This sounds so good! Is it very rich though?

    Im going to test this out today! Sounds like a great primer

  5. It really does what it promises for the skin and I agree with Anisha, apply your foundation straight after the beauty balm to reap the benefits. Plus you really dont have to apply as much as you would like a normal moisturiser so my tube has lasted me about 6 months and I probably still have another 8 to go (considering I use it about 3 times a week).

  6. What happens to be the secret weapon for every bride? Beauty Flash Balm! I have had this staple in my make-up bag for 12 years and it has always delivered. This is used before foundation application and makes the skin feel hydrated, glowing and flawless. This is a magic potion as you can literally go from drab to fab in an instant! What is amazing is that this formula has NOT been changed in any way so the results are always legendary. A cautionary note has to be with the application of this product though as you must not let it dry completely then apply foundation. Overall, a keeper and maybe a heirloom for my little girl who would also benefit from this magical potion!

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