bebe Gold

The bebe gold woman is effortlessly glamorous with an air of mystery. She is always camera ready, well poised, chic and sexy. Her confidence and outer beauty radiate. The bebe gold fragrance is inspired by the bebe woman’s glamorous side. Mystery & sultry, chic & sexy, adventurous and daring. The gold on both the bottle and box evokes glamour and success and the smoky charcoal glass represents her mysterious, sultry side.

Pricing: R695.00
Availability: Selected Edgars stores


17 Responses

  1. It’s a pretty bottle, but almost teenage-like. Not too sold on the packaging.

  2. The bottle looks nice, I must go and test this one. Good ratings from the addicts.

  3. A lovely bottle I must say, but from the reviews seems like it would fit older ladies instead of ladies my age. I’ll go test it out in the store. You never know, I might like it.

  4. I love the packaging of the Bebe fragrances, they are always feminine and pretty. I tried the Bebe Sheer fragrance and thought something was wrong with me because the actual scent did not last long, but I see that someone else had a similar comment about this fragrance too. If the brand could work on the longevity of the scent, it would easily replace my usual brand of perfume.

  5. The bebe sheer is a wonderful playful fragrance. I think the bebe gold is for an older lady who knows what she wants!
    Love the packaging of the bebe products.

  6. I will be sure to go and test it. This is great to give to someone as a gift though.

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