bebe Bebe

bebe Bebe

Drawn from the sensuous curves of the female form – the heart – becomes an iconic symbol. It is after all, the center of emotion, and the bebe woman is the centre of attention. Adorning the heart with precious metal and crystals reflects her lifestyle and it is an integral part of her persona. As her mysterious side keeps others guessing, the heart is suspended and captures the true brand aesthetic: Modern, sophisticated and sexy.

Price: R695
Availability: Selected Edgars stores


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  1. I got this perfume as a gift and did not know how much it cost until I saw this review. For this price one would expect a longer lasting scent but this isn’t the case here! I agree with the general comments about the perfume not lasting long enough; I have used it only twice and in each instance the scent kind of evaporated. I would suggest carrying it around in your bag and maybe putting on some more when you go freshen up. It’s not something I would buy because no one asked me what I was wearing – I usually get comments on a fragrance and the silence was enough to convince me that it isn’t for me.

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