Beckham Intimately Beckham Night

Intimately Beckham Night

A sensual offering from showbiz’s hottest power-couple, this scent is both seductive and elegant. This floral perfume is also available in a male version.

Price: R295 (30ml)

Availability: Selected retailers nationwide.

What we say:
I wouldn’t expect anything less than sophisticated, elegant and seductive when it comes to the Beckham duo. After all, with standards that high, I’m convinced they wouldn’t put their name on something that wasn’t up to scratch. Although this isn’t the type of fragrance I would normally wear (I prefer something a bit lighter), I can appreciate it for its beautiful rich composition and longevity.

Filled with notes of cinnamon, lily, bergamot and spices, it’s a sexy floral with a rich base that doesn’t wear off easily. In the days I wore it, I sprayed it on my neck and wrists in the morning before work, and could still smell the scent when I left the office at 5pm.

I like the fact that the bottle is flat and sturdy – my clumsy hands won’t knock it over and it fits into my cosmetic travel bag much better than my taller bottles do.

It’s not a scent I would wear every day, but I think it works well during winter when we all want something a little bit stronger.

– Anien


3 Responses

  1. For me this fragrance isn’t so WOW. It tends to give me a headache. I have a small bottle and only used it 4 times, definitely not one for me.

  2. I would like to try this out. I have heard good things about this fragrance.

  3. This one is my second favorite of the Beckham collection. Holds up well. Lasts a few hours each application for my own nose , but other people still smell it on me 4 or 5 hours later.

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