Benefit Cosmetics has sold over 4 million of The POREfessional since it launched in 2010*, proving that gals around the world are obsessed with smoother-than-smooth skin. But once upon a time, even the Benefit team didn’t know if this primer would live up to its POREtential!

Price: R395
Available: Edgars Stores from end July 2015

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15 Responses

  1. Does exactly what it claims to do – reduces pores, keeps skin matte and feels silky on the skin.

  2. I received this item as a gift from my friend and I am blown away by it. I have come to love primers over the past couple of months and a good primer has become more of a must have than a nice to have item for me. The consistency of this primer is different than the other primers I have used as it is brown in colour and it literally disappears weightlessly on my skin.
    My skin does not feel caked or sweaty when using this primer. I have found that it does not really mattify my face during the day when I start to sweat in the heat, but it keeps my makeup wonderfully intact the whole day and I love that! this product is worth every cent you spend on it and I will repurchase it without a doubt.

  3. i was really excited when Benefit cosmetics launched in south africa and their porefessional primer is one of the first things that i had to try.It comes in a squeeze tube and is really easy to carry around.The primer is a nude / skin tone color , i found that it has a lightweight texture and when applied to my skin it has a matte finish.It dramatically reduced the appearance of large pores and left my skin feeling flawless.

  4. I loved this product from Benefit, it is one of their most popular products. I loved the consistency of this product because it was very creamy with high coverage.My skin is combination skin so it worked perfectly for my skin. This is good when using it on your T zone area, it can work as a primer for the areas applied to. Good buy!

  5. I have used a lot of primers in my life, none of them did what they actually claimed to do but having said that it definitely made for easier foundation application! This primer minimizes the appearance of pores (the pores on my nose appeared much smaller) and it left a very smooth canvas to apply my foundation on and the application of foundation felt like a breeze. It is expensive at nearly R400 but if you want to invest in a good primer I suggest this one :)

  6. I loved this product. I have tried this several times and loved it every time. It works as a primer and hides pores really well. As a teen I find it very helpful. It is only R395, which isn’t that cheap but I do think it’s worth it.

  7. This primer smoothed my skin, it felt like silk. Unfortunately it didn’t noticeably prolong the wear of my make-up and by the end of the day it had settled into my smile lines.

  8. In retrospect I’ve wasted sooooo much time and money trying to find the perfect primer, and this is it!!!!!!It’s beyond amazing, its leaves your skin ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS, shame all the the other primers I own can sit down. This takes the cup! I am unable to can live without it.

  9. The Porefessional is one of the primers that beauty gurus swear by. It retails for R395 which is pricey when compared to the Smashbox primers, which can easily be a dupe for this product.

    Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put however I wouldn’t suggest this product for people with oily skin who plan on wearing it for hours on end. It is oil-free but I find my face does get a bit shiny after 5 or 6 hours.

  10. I tried this primer (pore minimiser) last week for the first time, and I am hooked! It applies like liquid velvet to the skin – it’s soft and silky and spreads evenly. I love that the colour is nude when you squeeze it out the tube, but becomes transparent on application. It definitely helps in reducing the appearance of pores, which in turn makes my foundation look so much smoother and more even. And who can ignore the stunning packaging? I love how thin the tube is – it’s perfect for my handbag!

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