Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate

Inspired by the leading treatments used by dermatologists in the treatment of hyperpigmented marks, BIODERMA has developed LumiReveal™ Technology. It works effectively and durably on the 3 biological stages that cause hyperpigmentation, while ensuring good tolerance – Inflammation: glabridin reduces inflammation, which causes an overproduction of melanin; – Production: the association of andrographolide and azelaic acid limit melanin production; – Elimination: Epidermactiv boosts cellular renewal by eliminating cells filled with melanin. Pigmentbio C-Concentrate is supplemented by a cocktail of vitamins that are essential for the skin: vitamin C, E and PP which protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Thanks to its high AHA/BHA (glycolic and salicylic acids) concentration, it provides a gentle, peeling-like efficacy that doesn’t damage the skin or dry it out, thanks to its 8-hour hydration action.

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What we say:
Though I’ve never struggled with sun-induced or hormonal hyperpigmentation, I sporadically get post-inflammatory pigmentation after a breakout. This usually takes ages to fade and requires quite a bit of concealing. I started applying this new concentrate at night, directly onto the areas of concern. It’s been three weeks and although the spots have not entirely disappeared, they are visibly lighter. The concentrate contains a high percentage of vitamin C, glycolic and salicylic acid and vitamins E (for its antioxidants) and PP (for long-lasting hydration), which together, yield amazing results. You can use it for up to four months, so I’m really excited to see what my skin will look like in the coming weeks.
– Anien, Editor


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  1. I love this range being using it for the past 3months and love my skin now can see the difference in brightness and even tone as well..

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