Bionike Acteen Sun 50 +

Bionike Acteen Sun 50 +

With a dry after-feel, lightweight texture, provides very high, broad-spectrum (UVA-UVB) protection. Enriched with specific active ingredients (oleanolic and dihydroguaiaretic acids), counters the thickening of the stratum corneum induced by sun exposure while helping to regulate sebum production. Tested to be non comedogenic. Water-resistant.

Price: R159
Availability: Dis-Chem stores.

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One Response

  1. As most oily-skinned girls will know, sunscreen can be an attributing factor to your breakouts. This sunscreen doesn’t clog pores, and doesn’t add an oily layer to the skin’s surface, hence it doesn’t increase your breakouts. It’s thick and creamy, and needs some massaging before it’s completely absorbed, but it doesn’t leave any stickiness or white marks on the skin. And, I can happily say that even when I plaster this on, on the hottest of days, my skin doesn’t break out! I think it’s the perfect product for teenagers and anyone who struggles with an oily skin or regular breakouts.

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