Beauté-Pacifique Body Sculpting Gel

An effective body gel containing a mixture of active ingredients and caffeine to target cellulite areas and to help reduce the appearance of orange peel. In clinical trials, three out of four women claimed that this was the best cellulite product that they had every used.

Beauté Pacifique’s Sculpturing Body Gel helps reduce the appearance of orange peel, leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, provides a pleasant cooling effect and helps reduce itching in the skin. It also contains vitamin E to protect the skin against harmful free radicals.

What we say:
‘Can you imagine how excited I was when I received a product that claims to reduce orange peel appearance considerably? According to the box, during a clinical trial there was a 22% average improvement on skin surface irregularity and an average reduction of 7mm of the thigh circumference. Feeling like a heffalump, I was giddy with anticipation!

‘If you were an 80’s child, you may remember my absolute favourite bathtime treat, Shipmate bubblebath… but the pink, girly one. The cap was in the shape of a sailors hat. That is exactly what the cellulite gel smells like! I cannot help but think about it every time I take off the cap. The brown colour of the cellulite gel is a little off-putting. It has the consistancy of some hair gels, and with it comes a little stickiness – it takes a while to dry, so I used a hairdryer, delayed getting dressed or added body lotion over it.

‘I applied the cellulite gel once a day after bathing while my skin was still damp (you can do it twice, but it’s just too time consuming). According to the box, you should use a strong pinching action and vigorously massage into the skin. Well, I tried the pinching part and there is no way, it’s just far too slippery and my hands cramped up! So I created my own method of application by firmly pressing the tips of my fingers of both hands and massaged in a circular motion. It really get’s the circulation going! Your legs feel like they are awake and refreshed, which could partly have something to do with the menthol content. At the beginning I toyed with the idea of only testing it on one leg, to see if this stuff really works. Thankfully I did not! After using the cellulite gel for fours weeks, my skin feels soft and the texture has changed quite remarkably, it looks smoother (not so bumpy) and it feels tighter. My thigh circumference reduced by 5mm. Yes, I kid you not! However, was it the gel, or was it because I was far more conscious of what my body was looking like, so watched what I ate?

‘How does it work? Take a look at the website for all the technical info. Now all I need is a body lotion that magically shrink wraps you two sizes down… and I am sorted for summer!’
– Taryn

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12 Responses

  1. I agree with Firefly and Anita – this product is a bit expensive. However if I can afford it, I will give it a try.

  2. If it works it is all fair and well. Science has however proven that cellulite cannot be removed/diminished by means of topical applicators? Would it then really be worthwhile to spend R700 on something that probably doesn’t work?

  3. I remember that bubble bath. It was the best! :) This sounds fab, but way too pricey for me.

  4. Impressive review, very detailed yet brief. Guess the product is worthy of the price. Summertime is around the corner, beach festivals, pool parties-No more hidding behind wrappers:)

  5. Sounds great but is quite expensive. Then again, what sculpting gel is cheap

  6. If only it wasn’t so pricey!!! I can only dream about trying this out!! Sounds wonderful x

  7. This is a product that I will definately being purchasing as it sounds awesome!

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Beauté Pacifique Oil-Free Moisturizer

Beauté Pacifique Oil-Free Moisturizer

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