Boucheron Jaipur

The floral woody fragrance at first comes across as fresh and citrusy, a result of the violet leaves, basil and lemon scent of verbena top notes. At the heart, undertones of hyacinth, marigold and carnations blend silkily into bottom notes of cashmeran, cypress and iris scents.


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  1. This perfume is alluring ,sexy and overall irresistible! From the exquisite red bottle with a golden snake draped around the top to the citrus, sandalwood and floral notes. The smell immediately lifts my spirits and I get that butterfly feeling in my tummy that something great is going to happen! Even the price is great! Also lasts and lasts as one only need to use so little at a time. The only con is that it is not readily available and one may have to go to specialised perfume shops other than Red Square.

  2. This smells absolutely divine and last very long…. got a tester one day, and now got the bottle.

  3. I think this perfume is absolutely great for ladies, and the bottle is to me like a collectors item, i love the smell of Boucheron it’s not a loud perfume, just right and i have to say thanks to my friend for buying me one a week ago I really love it.

  4. Ever since I received this perfume as a gift, I considered it a great fragrance for a great occasion. It is appropriate for evening meetings and cocktails, for young stylish ladies. It will surely attract the attention of people around.

  5. Very cute and feminine little bottle, looks like a signet ring but so beautiful, real ladylike fragrance this, i tried it at one of the Mall’s and think is has a very dainty smell, just the right fragrance for ladies.

  6. My girlfriend uses boucheron and i really like the smell, it’s nice but not overpowering thank goodness for that because i don’t like a perfume that’s a bit too much, like something that’s soft and feminine.

  7. I love the bottle and the fragrance is so nice, very soft and fem great perfume.

  8. Can’t wait to get mine maybe another two weeks and i will know could not find a tester anywhere, this is a good birthday present from beauty to me, because i won a boucheron perfume a few weeks ago on the competition page thank u so much i love perfume, but i am crazy about the the bottle can’t wait to smell it.

  9. I love the bottle, when i saw it i fell in love with it, but it’s not a perfume i will buy for myself, a bit to light and i did try some from a tester, and the smell did not last very long on my skin.

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Boucheron Pour Homme

Boucheron Pour Homme

The Boucheron man distinguishes himself instantly by his classic and refined look.

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