Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in Inflame

Pack a powerful punch of colour with this strengthening formula that combats breaking and brittleness and features a built-in protective base and top coat.

What we say:
The biggest flaw I find with nail enamels is a poor texture – too runny or too thick and my manicure is ruined. The first thing I noticed about the Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel was its near perfect consistency. The nail enamel glided onto my nails smoothly, didn’t form bubbles and dried with a high shine.

I applied two coats as suggested and prepared myself for the long wait until my nails were dry, however to my surprise within 5 minutes the nail enamel was dry to the touch and after 10 minutes it was 100% dry. I noticed a few chips on my nails after two days, however I used a base coat even though the nail enamel contains a base coat, so it may not have adhered to my nails as well as it would have, had I skipped the additional coat.

Revlon has outdone themselves with their new Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel. I cannot wait to invest in more colours from their range (24 ‘Brilliant’ shades) and would highly recommend it anyone who, like me, wants a salon quality home manicure without the steep price tag.
– Emily

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11 Responses

  1. I love the colours and the texture of the nailpolish. It’s amazing and the colour is vibrant and smooth.

  2. Revlon come out with some quality nail enamels. However I find them a bit expensive here in SA when compared to US and UK. I always grab a few when ever I see them on sale.

  3. I don’t usually do my nails but I decided to give this a try. And it was great. Took awhile to dry, or maybe I’m just impatient… But it did last awhile and definitely helped the strength of my nails.

  4. i have a day job but i love making women feel good about themselves so part time i do nails and a lil of beauty……and this will help with those brittle soft nails……..beautiful hands are what we ladies love and men appreciate

  5. I could die when i paint on a pretty colour and after a day or two it starts chipping – so i guess I’l have to try this new enamel. Can’t wait.

  6. Will be nice to try, I have tryed everything in the market for my daughter and her nails ard still brittle. The product she is using at the moment is quiet pricey we thought it worked in the begining as time went on it has become just a top coat. Will definately get this and she will love it….it has color. Lol

  7. Revlon nail polish is great quality. Love this colour, and that it helps brittle nails too!

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