The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel

A quick slick of this clear gel will define your natural lashes and hold eyebrows in place. It comes with an integrated applicator brush, is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, and is suitable for contact-lens wearers.

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17 Responses

  1. Is this safe to use on my eyelash extensions? Will definitely get it to use on my brows :)

  2. Interesting concept. Since it is gentle on eyes it is a good product. I don’t feel I really need it since my eyebrows are under control.

  3. Ive never used something like this before.. I dont have a problem with my eyebrows staying in place but i would love to see how it works on my eyelashes.. Definitely a product worth considering. Sounds like it works great!!

  4. Wow, this sounds great! Would love to get it, and its so reasonably priced

  5. I bought this last year and it works like a charm. My eyebrows don’t stay put unless use this. Best part is that your brows look naturally slick, nothing stiff or shiny about the product.

  6. I have untamed eyebrows no matter how much time I spend on them. My friend referred me to this product and now it is something I cant live without. I don’t even need to reapply this to my brows because it lasts the whole day. I’m not so much of a fan when it comes to using it on my lashes though. I feel it tends to add a stickiness to them.

  7. I’m buying it for my girlfriend birthday next week amount of mascara keep her lashes on the straight cos they look like a 6 day old unshaven beard!and since its gentle on the eyes its a winner

  8. I always used hairspray (blush blush) to hold my eyebrows in place but after trying this I can now put the hairspray away and only use it for its intended purpose – on your hair on top of your head!

  9. If u have a problem controlling unruly eyebrows, then add this awesome product to your list for a gorgeous neat and straight look, say no more 5/5 for The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel.

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