Caivil Fusion Oil Hair GRO Essence

This essential oil infusion contains, Black Castor Oil and Argan Oil to help strengthen your hair, while decreasing breakage, aiding in hair growth and thickness. Added to this mix Coconut Oil, Neem Oil and Tea Tree Oil which also promote a healthy scalp and support hair growth, and before long, you will have the results you want.

Price: R33.99
Size: 150ml
Availability: Selected retailers.


8 Responses

  1. How long I’m I suppose to results because it’s been over 12 weeks without much volume,but there is some progress in regrowth and hair loss prevention. Please give me feedback thank you!

  2. Just started using this product on my daughter n i, she is mixed with curly hard hair, is it ok for her hair type

  3. I must say am amazed. It’s just two weeks and progress on my hair regrowth is great. Need to stock more of this oil. Very impressive.

  4. I like the convenience that this product brings to my life. There’s  a no mess, no fuss application through the small nozzle on the top. It makes it easy for me to apply even when I have plats, a weave or a wig, so my scalp is always taken care of.

  5. I have been using caivil fusion oil for about 6months now. I have fallen in looove with it, it has helped my hairline and have seen some hair growth.

    I also love the fact that it has all my favourite oils in one bottle

  6. Good progress on my hairline regrowth. I used the product on my daughter’s thin hair as well, her hair is gaining volume and is much stronger, no more hair breakage. Thank you Cavil

  7. I just love what the Caivil Fusion Oil did to my scalp. My scalp is very dry and every time I scratch it, I’m left with flakes on my hair. However, since I’ve started using Caivil Fusion Oil, my scalp is always moist and shiny. I’m very happy, and thanks to Caivil products, I don’t have to see flakes anymore.

  8. I love this oil. It’s perfect for kinky (dry) hair, and it really penetrates and moisturizes the hair well.

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