Vichy Capital Soleil Skin Cell Sun Protection Spray SPF50

Protects against the harmful effects of the sun and sun-induced premature skin ageing. Better protected against UV rays and cellular oxidation, skin has never looked so beautiful. Prevents cutaneous damage, is anti-sun spots and anti-sun induced wrinkles.

What we say:
‘Vichy Capital Soleil Skin Cell Sun Protection Spray is just the man for the job. Non-sticky, non-greasy and with an SPF of 50, the sunscreen was a godsend. It absorbed easily into my skin and thankfully, left no white streaks, which is my pet peeve with sunscreens! The other nice little thing about this sunscreen is there’s no offensive smell. I did find it a little oily but that’s a plus when you have dry skin (like I do). It gives your skin a little oomph… It’s definitely great value as well. The product feels concentrated and is just thick enough to feel like its doing its job of protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays without being overpowering.’
– Charlene

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8 Responses

  1. I love that this product doesn’t take forever to absorb into my skin, or leave gross white streaks. It’s quick to use and not greasy, which is perfect for everyday.

  2. Vichy is the only brand I trust with my skin – particularly my face. This factor 50 comes in a spray bottle – making it easy to apply. Non greasy and long lasting… Love it!

  3. Vichy is by far my favourite sun cream and the spray bottle makes it even easier to apply on yourself and others. Skin does not feel oily/greasy like other sun protection products.

  4. Great product. I have a few of the summer range products and they are all very cool.

  5. This comes in a convienient spray botttle, and is very nice because it doesnt have that oily feeling!

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