Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer Instant Tan

Created to give you a rich, deep, instant tan. Leaves the skin immediately bronzed while developing a long-lasting tan over eight hours. Allow at least five minutes to dry after application.

It’s Paraben free and formulated with Erythrulose for a longer lasting tan and contains skin conditioning Aloe Ferox Gel.

Choose the colour that best represents the actual colour of your skin. So the colour you are, NOT the colour you want to be. Choosing the correct product for your skin type will ensure that you get a natural looking tan and eliminates the risk of turning orange. A is for fair complexions that burn easily; B is for medium complexions that burn sometimes; C is for dark complexions that burn rarely.

RS Price: R99,95 (200ml)

Availability: From Clicks, Dis-Chem, and selected pharmacies.

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8 Responses

  1. I don’t self tan often, but when i do i use the Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer Instant Tan. I usually by the B medium complexion spritzer, because it gives my skin a natural and subtle brown color which i LOVE.

    This spritzer comes with a nice mutton glove that you can use to apply the product easily and efficiently. The application of this product takes a bit of time and i have to ask for help when i ave to apply it to my back. (take note i am not a skilled self-tanner, so if you are then this wouldn’t be a problem)

    The self tanner doesn’t have leave the greatest smell when it starts to settle in, but what self tanner does ?

    Lastly the only negative thing experience i had with this product is the way it settles into my pores. My pores darken, which leaves it looking like i have blackheads over my chest area and sometimes on my back. This is the only reason i don’t use this product as often, because it takes a while to get my pores clean again after application.

    Overall this is a great self tanning product and i will and have recommended this to friends and family before..

  2. I was always scared of self tanning lotions and sprays. My friend suggested that I buy the spritzer as she has used it before. I tried it, and it was so easy to apply. I have a fair skin, and this was just right, not to dark. I like the fact that is comes with a mitt. The mitt I would say is essential for an even tan. One thing though, that I didn’t like is that is did leak a little bit, not major, but it did. I would recommend this product, especially for first time users.

  3. The Caribbeantan range is great, and this spritzer is no exception! The tan develops quite quickly and it lasts a day or two. There is also no usual bad tanning smell which is a plus!

  4. Definitely its money worth. Best product for a safe, even and care free tan!

  5. Naturally, I have Olive, tanned skin but for some reason, my shins refuse to tan as well as the rest of my body. I am not a fan of going for spray tans as they hardly last and come out super orange. So I gave this product a try a few years ago and I haven’t stopped using it since. It is very easy to use, fool proof and works fast. I use it standing in the tub or shower, spritz it wherever I need to, go over that area a few times with the glove included in the kit and that’s it. No mess and no fuss. The colour is immediate and intensifies over a few hours. I just re-apply once a week to keep my tan perfect. If you want to build up to a super intense tan, re-apply every 2 or 3 days. Mine stays put for about a week and the price is of this product is amazing for how many applications you get. I love my tanned shins now :)

  6. Our Sun has become so harsh and people still do not realise the implications of lying in the sun, the chance of cancer goes up, your skin ages, you get wrinkles and your skin texture changes completely. With Caribbean Tan you can get the tan you want whilst keeping your skin healthy and glowing with absolutely no side effects. This is the answer ladies.

  7. I love a good self tanner, and have recently gotten quite into them. I’ve always gone more for expensive, overseas brands, as they seem to get the colour of the tanner to be more natural.

    But these Caribbean Tan Spritzers are my more local, budget favourite – they’re almost as good as the overseas products that are often 3 times the price or more!

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