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I’ve always said my grey streaks give me character, ever since the first strands started making their appearance after I turned 24. Five years and a Redken Chromatics treatment later I think I’ve changed my mind. I’ve only coloured my hair once in that time (and it was a disastrous DIY job), but when I heard Redken’s new permanent colour contains zero ammonia I was keen test their 100% coverage claim.

Firstly, Chromatics is not an at-home DIY colour treatment; only Redken-approved salons will stock Chromatics, so when you find one and you haven’t been using Redken products on your tresses, you’ll need a deep cleansing wash – to rinse out other products that might affect how the colour takes to your hair.

Next, your stylist will apply the colour. Whether she takes it all the way from the roots to the tips or simply touches up the roots and only goes half way will depend on the condition of your hair – the touch-ups are usually just to add luster. The colour will need to remain on your hair for about 35 minutes, and because it contains no ammonia you shouldn’t feel any burning sensation, even if you have a sensitive scalp. Once you’re ready, your stylist will rinse out the colour.

I was quite surprised when the ladies at Snippets Hair Salon in Claremont didn’t use any conditioner afterwards. I’ve tried not using conditioner after just a regular wash. I’ll never do that again. There’s nothing scarier than your hair feeling as if it’s about to snap in half. But Chromatics left my hair feeling so silky there wasn’t any need for conditioner! Apparently it’s that zero ammonia thing I mentioned earlier. And it doesn’t dye your skin! How awesome is that?!

Redken Chromatics uses protein extraction technology to infuse the molecules into every hair strand – and not your skin. It’s also a prismatic permanent colour, which means the colour isn’t flat or dull – it’s multi-dimensional.

So, 10 days and three washes later, I still have 100% coverage. And believe me, I’m keeping a close eye on that patch I cover with a side path.

A big thank you to the ladies at Snippets! Thank you Shireen for the uh-mazing colour, Constance for that divine head massage and Saadia for the great blow-out, you certainly made my morning.


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  1. I was very excited about this Chromatics line. I went to the hairdresser on my graduation day and asked them to use the Chromatics in Blue/Black. Unfortunately days following whenever I washed my hair it washed out, eventually my hair was not even that black much less with a blue tone. Very disappointed.

  2. I have never before dyed my hair. I’m so afraid of the colour staining my scalp, or the dye damaging my hair – ammonia and all that. But this Redken product makes me WANT to experiment. Which colours are available in the line? Maybe an adventurous red or a deep black would work. It’ll be something else! Here’s to the soon-to-be new me! :D

  3. I’ve been all the colours (including pink, blue, purple, etc.) But I’m trying to go back to blonde. Could this seemingly amazing product take me from the mousy brown I am now to a silvery blonde without the 5 salon visits I usually have to make? Orange hair isn’t something I want to visit again.

  4. Sounds great. Would love to try the amonia free colouring. Where can I find redken salons?

  5. Megan wonderful Review,such great info. I feel like getting myself down to the salon to try it out…

  6. Wow – just what I was looking for. Thanks Redken – you’ve saved the day !!! On my way to the salon to purchase.

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