Claire Hill S8-28 Anti Ageing Moisturiser

Up to 63% decrease in wrinkle volume in 28 days. A revolutionary non-invasive alternative to Botox, this nourishing moisturiser has the power to smooth away fine lines by naturally relaxing the facial muscles. Luxurious and rich in natural oils, it also helps to replace lost moisture, fight free radical damage and feed the skin with radiance-reviving nutrients. read more about the amazing SNAP-8™.

Key ingredients:

  • Snap-8™: dubbed the ‘new botox’ by skincare scientists, this powerful amino acid competes with one of the body’s natural proteins deep beneath the skin where nerve endings meet muscles.
  • Dog-Rose Oil: rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, Dog-Rose Oil helps boost collagen to increase skin firmness, and reduce redness. It’s an absolute skin saviour for mature and sensitive skin types.
  • Grape Seed Oil: non-comedogenic and ultra lightweight, Grape Seed Oil helps reduce inflammation (including redness and acne), protects against free radical damage, and balances the skin’s moisture levels with natural fatty acids.


This luxe moisturising face cream reduces the appearance of existing lines and prevents new wrinkles forming by naturally preventing your facial muscles from contracting. Expect other common signs of ageing, such as pigmentation and dehydration, to visibly improve when used twice daily.
Fragrance and cruelty-free.
Made in Australia.

Price: R1475.00

What we say:
I’ve really enjoyed using this moisturiser. I used it in conjunction with the Claire Hill Micellar Water and Serum, and found that my skin looked and felt great overall. The texture is rich yet easily absorbed and it does not sit heavy on the skin. My skin felt thoroughly hydrated after each use and I noticed it was plump and moisturised throughout the day. Together with my Claire Hill serum, this definitely worked well in smoothing out my skin, keeping it moisturised and protecting it from extrenal aggressors. I love the neutral scent and the gorgeous packaging!
– Anien


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Claire Hill S8-28 Assist Anti Ageing Serum

Claire Hill S8-28 Assist Anti Ageing Serum

A luxe, fast absorbing serum that delivers scientifically proven, anti-ageing ingredients exactly where you need them.
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Claire Hill Micellar Water with Desert Lime

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