Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Eye Contour Cream

Clarins Eye Cream

Anti-wrinkle and comforting action for a soothed, more youthful-looking and smoother eye area. Clarins’ Advanced Extra-Firming Eye Contour Cream helps skin look more youthful and firm in your 40s and over. The extra-firming complex helps to prevent wrinkles, diminish the look of existing wrinkles and firm the skin around the eye area.

Price: R545
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  1. I am now in my “fabulous forties” so these little fine lines are starting to creep in around the eye area. I have shopped around to seriously add a product into my routine that will make a difference. I enjoy the fact that Clarins gives you a break down of active ingredients, in this case the extra-firming complex and tocopherol (vitamin E): helps to prevent wrinkles, diminish the look of existing wrinkles, firm and regenerate the skin around the eyes. Now thats exactly what I am looking for in an eye cream. Not only that, the actual product itself is easy to apply and the melt-in texture with instant smoothing action refreshes the skin and leaves it feeling soft, creates a velvety, matte and comfortable finish. I have noticed a difference, as the lines are not so visible so I guess I can add this product to my top 10 beauty must haves!

  2. Up until recently, I wasn’t all too bothered with eye creams and was diligent about applying one morning and evening. Since then, my eye cream collection has grown considerably and it has become an important step in my skincare routine.

    While the packaging of this eye cream looks rather luxurious, I was a little bit put off by the tub as I prefer eye creams that I can squeeze out of a tube. The consistency is a lot thicker than other eye creams I have tried, but once applied it absorbs into the skin rather quickly and works well to hydrate the delicate skin around my eye area.

    Thankfully I don’t have wrinkles, so I cannot comment on the anti-wrinkle promise of this eye cream. Every Clarins product I have used in the past has lived up to it’s claims, so I am confident that this eye cream would assist with treating wrinkles as it claims.

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