Clarins HydraQuench Cream

Clarins’ HydraQuench Cream offers beauty and well being for normal to combination skin all year round, thanks to the anti-dehydrating properties of Katafray bark extract, and for dry skin in summer. Its fine, comfortable and quickly absorbed texture provides skin with instant well being and balanced, long-lasting hydration. Ensures unrivalled complexion radiance.

What our Beauty Master says:
‘I was a bit skeptical about a cream-gel, as I have never used something like this before, but when I opened this blue jar I was pleasantly surprised. It looks like a cream that has been whipped into a soft smooth silky texture. The HydraQuench Cream-Gel is very hydrating and seemed to glide onto my skin and was absorbed quite quickly. This is perfect for the summer as it’s very moisturising minus the heavy creamy consistency. I have a combination skin and find that with a regular face cream (even ones specially for summer) can still be a bit too heavy for the less dry areas on your face and even leave you with a bit of an oily shine.

‘All Clarins products have very clean and subtle scents that are not overpowering at all, and the Cream-Gel equally had a light and fresh smell. The only downside to this product is its packaging. I found the glass jar to be very heavy, which is not travel friendly at all, but in the end it’s a small sacrifice for an amazingly moisturising cream-gel. The HydraQuench Cream-Gel will definitely be added to my summer skincare routine.’
– CarolynMcM

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23 Responses

  1. Hi to MARGSC. This is my review on the Clarin HydrQench cream-gel. You seem to like the product alot, but on what basis? What is in the product that makes you like it alot? You say you find it a bit rich. That would be because the product contains ESSENTIAL OILS FROM THE KATAFRAY BARK. This is quite rich in essence and also has some good properties to give the skin. BUT IT REALLY IS NOT ENOUGH.T he skin needs more when getting older to keep skin firm and counteract those lines. This kind of skin regime starts from young already- so it should have more in like hyaluronic acid. It is not enough for someone just to like smell or texture- it MUST WORK for you, otherwise you could buy a few pots of a local cream which has same in and save. If you do have combination skin, use this cream less on that oily panel, and do not apply near eye area either.

  2. I started using this when I went onto Roaccutane as I needed a solid moisturizer, and after receiving a sample of this product along with the mask in my rubybox I was hooked. If you buy it at dischem, as I did, I received a full size moisturizer along with a small, but larger than sample size night cream or hand cream! With acne I have to be carefull what I use on my skin, and can’t use heavy moisturizers as they tend to make my acne even worse, but with the Roaccutane my skin is dry and if I don’t moisturize properly than I suffer, but with Clarins hydra quench it takes care if all my need, replaces the moisture I loose through the treatment and doesn’t clog up my pores! It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

  3. Clarins is really expensive so always risky to buy, i bought two Clarins products 2 days ago, might even be worth the price.

  4. i make sure that i never run out of this product. its light on the skin, not greasy. absorbs well, has a beautiful light scent, sets makeup well and makes the skin look fresh and radiant,absolutely lov it.

  5. I’ve used Clarins since I was a teenager. I often try other brands but always end up back with Clarins.
    This cream is divine. I had a trial size and just used the last of it tonight. It is very rich so I only use it when my skin needs a boost. And then it feels soft and smooth and not stretched at all.
    Highly recommend.

  6. I love Clarins products! Simple to use with great results. The products all contain natural plant extracts, which make them gentle on your skin.

  7. My mother is very finicky about her beauty products and has been using a sample of this for the last month or so. She feels that it works really well on her dry,sensitive skin. Mom is 54 by the way.

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