Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate

: Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate by Clarins is an “SOS” treatment for highly sensitive skin. It immediately calms irritated skin, decongests and reduces a red appearance. Its ultra-soothing formula contains 90% plant extracts to help restore weakened tissues, nourish and soften skin.


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  1. Clarins products are really good, pity they are to expensive :-( i’ll have to cut down on other stuff just to be able to continue using this…don’t know if i wanna do that…

  2. This product surely hasnt been reviewed by a lot of people because it quite pricy, however, for the amazing results you get from it, ladies if you have sensitive skin, take a plunge and go for this product ! you wont regret it

  3. Love these products. Such a pity they are on the pricy side of things.

  4. its a shame that this phenomenal beauty product has not been reviewed, the name says it all. for the most sensitive skin types even clients who were not willing to change their regime, i suggested that they use a drop under their moisturiser and what unbelievable results i have seen that they actually did end up changing their products.
    this product is for those skin types that are sensitive to almost everything and that get red and inflamed

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