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Denman Classic Styling Brush

The classic Denman brush continues to be an essential styling tool for professional hairdressers the world over. Smooth, round-ended nylon pins in a staggered formation provide exceptional grip and control for maintaining tension on the hair while styling. The famous half-round rubber pad is perfect for smoothing hair, creating sleek bob shapes and for flicking out. Incorporating the classic Denman ‘teardrop’ handles for comfortable styling.

What we say:
‘Because I have short hair, I’ve never really paid much attention to the brushes I use. When my hair’s wet, I comb it. When it’s dry, I comb it. And then came Denman’s Classic Styling Brush.

‘Although it is a little heavy, the retro tiger-print handle fit snugly within my hand and the balance tended to even out as I used it through my hair. The smooth pins ran effortlessly between my strands, which helped bring my hair under pretty good control. Creating inward or outward flicks with the ends were a matter of simply twisting my wrist, which I totally love! Before I’ve had to go over my hair many times before the style actually held, often creating dreadful static. I don’t think I’ve ever given a brush this much thought before, and it’s definitely something I don’t intend to share!’
– Megan


9 Responses

  1. If you are searching for ‘the best’ hair brush all the way from England, then this is for you. I have mine for 8 years and this nifty brush has always been on hand to deliver. I have been blessed with long hair but at a price of course; knots! This brush effectively removes knots with zero breakage. It’s an investment and if you are as serious as I am about hair, then Denman is for you!

  2. Best brush ever !!!! brush like that removes every knot out of your hair and makes it more flowy !!! love it

  3. I have short hair and dont realy use a brush, if I decide to grow my hair again, I’ll definitely invest in this.

  4. i want to invest in this brush.I’ve heard so many good things about it,i really want to buy it for myself.i think it will last you ages to come!

  5. Growing up in black community, Ive was made to believe that my hair was not good enough… So this year I took it upon myself to take care of my natural hair and SHOW IT OFF. My major source of information was Youtube, I literally watched 10 000 videos(not really, but close) on defining curls for African hair, one thing resonated throughout and that was the denman brush which was said to be ”perfect for detangling”.I found myself in the possession of one and countless hair products. After washing my hair, I brush it with my Denman brush and use olive oil and countless other products thereafter. I must say, I love how it separated the curls in my intensely kinky hair, brushing my hair is LESS PAINFUL and easier. It seems as thou the Youtube videos were right, Im sold.

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