Clere Hand & Body Lotion

Clere Hand & Body Lotion

For generations, Clere has been trusted to leave skin soft, smooth and beautiful. Enriched with Glycerine and Vitamins E & A, Clere will keep your skin moisturised and younger looking. You can trust Clere to care for you and your family’s skin.

Price: R15.99
Size: 400ml
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide


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  1. I love this cream. I don’t know where to get it here in Nigeria , I really love this product it’s really good for My skin

  2. Please bring back the honey and milk variant. It worked marvelously on my skin by making it smooth and bright. It’s no longer available on the Ghanaian market and I can’t find any substitute for it.

  3. Clere cream is one of the best creams, I use the “Berries & Cream” body lotion. It contains Tissue Oil and Pure Glycerine enriched. I use it during summer and during winter and it moisturizers my skin. For literally 48hours without reapplying. But it’s best to apply every day and to apply a generous amount. Don’t be stingy with the cream!

    On another note:
    My sister used Clere cream for her hair and it did wonders. Her hair grew back longer, strong and voluptuous.

  4. I tried the Luxurious rich mask. It comes in a 200ml light peach bottle with a darker peach lid that flips open and close. The product can last up to 4 years.

    The cream is not very thick which made it easy to spread evenly on my skin. I used this product after showering and felt that it was very light on my skin. It moisturised my skin but only for a few hours and after that, I had to reapply the lotion again.

    The smell of the product can be very overpowering and the moisture doesn’t last long but it is quite cheap.

  5. I have very dry skin so this product did not work for me. You apply it and the minute you step out it’s as if you never applied lotion. Your skin looks so dry. It is not recommended for persons with dry feet as well. I tried combining it with glycerin but that didn’t really help make it better but still… nobody wants to use a million products for one goal. It’s better to find one product that satisfies all our needs. It is affordable yes, but not worth it.

  6. This product I’m iffy on, I’m not sure whether I love it or not so much. The smell of this lotion is great and the price is actually cheaper than most body lotions of this size but that’s all it is.

    It’s all talk and no action, I used this for a while and it hasn’t moisturised my skin at all, it just didn’t work as I expected and I don’t think I’ll use it again. You pay for the smell and the amount but not the work.

  7. I tried the new powder scented body lotion by Clere recently because I love the smell, however, I was quite disappointed after using it. It doesn’t leave a moisturized feeling at all, even after application. It honestly doesn’t do much for the skin, other than making you smell good.

  8. This product is OK. I know the first sentence of a review makes a bold statement but really, that’s my opinion on it. Clere lotion, available from almost every store in SA, moisturises your skin. It does the job. The scent has room for improvement, it smells nice but it’s no Victora Secret lotion scents. There is little that is memorable about it.

    The issue I have with this product is in winter, it does not keep my skin moisturised for long enough. After a few hours I’m ashy again. But if you aren’t that fussy, this is the product for you. I love the affordability.

    I would suggest buying this product and mixing it with some baby oil or glycerin to improve the level of hydration.

  9. I have been using this product for over 5 years and have yet to find any lotion with the same effect. It is perfect for dry skin.

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You can trust Clere to care for you and your family’s skin.
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