Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum Spray

A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions. Our Happy fragrance interplays fresh, vibrant notes – ruby red grapefruit, bergamot – with soft, sensual ones—Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. Wear it and be happy.

Price: R605
Size: 50ml
Availability: Department stores nationwide and


10 Responses

  1. I love the citrus smell of this perfume. The lingering fragrance is not overpowering. It is feminine and fresh.

  2. The bottle is an excellent reflection of the scent inside-clean, fresh, beautiful in its simplicity. Happy is truly joy bottled. This citrus bomb with a hint of tobacco and honeysuckle is the perfect office fragrance. It is light on skin and leaves a mild, inoffensive scent trail. A subtle, not overly girly perfume with good sillage.

  3. I got Clinique Happy as a Gift for Christmas 2015 & simply fell in love with the fresh, soft yet sensual scent.Its not too over-powering, but has just the right amount of citrus and sweet floral scents. It’s definitely a winner in my beauty books.

    I couldn’t resist wanting to using it everyday that summer. It really lifted my spirits and made me feel fresh and feminine and not to forget, HAPPY!!!

  4. The Packaging is simple and pretty, it definitely compliments the scent. It’s beautiful; fresh, clean and Citrus-y.

  5. I have been using Clinique Happy spray for a few years now and please to say that I am very happy with this product. Not only does it smell great, but it is also long lasting

  6. This is an amazing fragrance for the summer, it’s subtle citrus and floral notes make it ideal for a day at the office or when you are out to dinner as it is not overpowering. It’s refreshing scent is perfect for the hot summer months and the fragrance lasts all day.

  7. A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions. Clinique’s best-selling women’s fragrance interplays fresh, vibrant notes—ruby red grapefruit, bergamot—with soft, sensual ones—Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. Wear it and be happy.
    The fresh fruit smell reminds me of summer days. Applying the perfume between my arms, behind my knees stays on the entire day. With my gift set I received a candle as well which makes my room smell just as lovely. I find that its not too expensive and because I use it only in summer, it lasts about 6 months.

  8. I used to wear this fragrance in the summer a few years ago. Last September, I bought a 30ml and I found it to really not be as good as I remembered. In fact, the lotion is more fragrant than the perfume, which is very disappointing.

  9. This is a beautiful scent for summer. I receive the best compliments whenever I wear this perfume. I am very happy with it. When I put it on, I feel energized and ready to bounce about with a rose bouquet in hand!

  10. Clinique happy is a very nice perfume. It has a few citrus notes which makes it slightly more interesting, but it is toned by the floral accents, which in turn makes this a very soft and slightly girly perfume. Think summer dresses and wine tasting.

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