CND Shellac Power Polish

CND Shellac nail colour

This long-lasting nail colour lasts like a gel, but applies like a polish. Enjoy up to two weeks of chip-free nail colour that holds its shine and smooth texture until you remove it.

Price: Dependent on different salons

Availability: Selected salons nationwide.

What we say:
I love long-lasting nail colours, and since the rise of gel-like finishes at salons, I’ve been a very happy girl. I love that you can have your nails done and enjoy chip-free colour for two weeks without having to worry about ruining your mani while doing dishes or gardening.

When I first came across Shellac, I didn’t really understand what made it different to the gel nail colours I’d been getting done all along. The technician who did my nails explained that the difference lies in the formula – Shellac contains solvents (as do nail polishes), which means that the actual product is more in line with a long-lasting nail polish than a gel nail colour. To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between this product and the gel colour I usually have done, but nevertheless I still loved the end-result.

I chose #Rubble as my shade seeing as the weather was still a bit miserable and I wanted to wear a colour that suits all my outfits. The technician painted some polka dots in #Dark Lava on my ring fingers for a special effect and I absolutely loved it! In fact, I got loads of compliments during the two weeks that I wore it. The colour didn’t lose is shininess and there were no chips in sight. In fact, the only I had it removed after two weeks was because it started growing out quite badly. If it wasn’t for that, I could have lasted for another one!

My colleague Zoe (left in image) opted for City Scape, an ivory-grey shade, which looked equally stunning.

– Anien


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