Almay Color + Care™ Liquid Lip Balm

Shiny colour drenches lips with 2x hydration* as lip-loving conditioners provide 194% more moisture for softer, smoother lips over time. non-sticky. gluten free. hypoallergenic. dermatologist tested. Available in 10 different shades.

Pricing: R89.00
Availability: Selected retail stores and pharmacies nationwide

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20 Responses

  1. What I love about this product is it is so moisturizing on the lips and you don’t have to keep applying it every half an hour because your lips feel dry, it really moisturizes your lips and last for a very long time, I have it in the color 600 blooming and I love that shade, its adds just enough color but a lot of moisture! Definitely a repurchase for me!

  2. I love the consistency of this product and the way it makes the lips feel. I also love the shades that it is available in. The only down side is that I find it can cause the dreaded white “ring of shame” on the inside of your lips if you don’t check for it after a few hours.

  3. I got these on a 2-for-1 price offer at a recent Dis-Chem beauty fair. I am so glad because I will probably go back and buy at least a few more. They are a steal at this price offer. Firstly, it’s a wand applicator which has a faint candy type smell, that leaves your lips with a sheer wash of colour. Your lips feel soft, comfortable and moisturised post-application.  I use mine over lip pencil, so even when the gloss wears off, I still have colour on. I really wear this and reapply as often as I do for the comfort factor. Try it…you will probably love it too. Be warned though: There’s not much longevity with this and frequent reapplications are often required.

  4. I am not a big fan of lip gloss. I hate how sticky and shiny they can be, and they never last long. I picked up two of the Almay lip glosses, partly because they had a two-for-one special at Dischem, but also because Essiebutton recommended it.

    These lip glosses are amazing. They are super moisturizing and make my lips feel amazing, especially during winter when my lips tend to dry out. The doe foot applicator is just the typical one you get in most lip glosses but it applies the product nicely. They smell absolutely amazing. You know the smell of hot fudge…when you smell the applicator, it smell just like that, but don’t worry, this smell doesn’t transfer to your mouth, so you won’t smell it once you wear it.

    The consistency is perfect. It is nice and moisturizing, but not sticky at all. The coverage is average and it lasts around 2 hours.

    A must-have lip gloss!

  5. I totally love the smell of these lippies and the wand application. The packaging is sleek. However, I don’t like how sheer the colours are on the lips in comparison to how bright and vibrant they look in the package.

  6. Ive tried this and loved it, the no stickiness was a win for me and the colours are too much fun!

  7. I really love the feel of this on my lips. It’s moisturising as well as it gives my lips the perfect amount of colour I need. I would really recommend you give this a try, especially for summer when lips need that burst of hydration as well as that pop of colour. The actual colours are quite sheer however it does provide a small tint.

  8. This sounds great. I like the sound of an affordable, beautifully-scented treat in my pocket.

  9. I prefer lip gloss to lipstick. This is a must buy lip gloss, the colours are to die for and its affordable. Thank you Almay!

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