Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow

Revlon’s legendary ColorStay Eyeshadow now lasts an additional four hours for sixteen full hours of impactful, longwearing colour in both the hottest, runway-inspired and classic shades. With a luxurious, sleek new package, this is one beauty steal you’ll love showing off. ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quads also feature a new interior design. After extensive research into shade usage and colour combinations, Revlon re-tooled the inside of the palette, resulting in four different pan sizes proportionate to usage. The lighter base shade pan is larger, while accent shades are a bit smaller. What’s more, an easy-to-follow roadmap for flawless application is included on the back of every palette.

What we say:
‘I am one of those people who tend to wear bright colour eye shadow or go completely natural with just some mascara. So I was a little unsure how to create the desired brown smoky-eye. However, Revlon have anticipated this and put an easy-to-follow diagram on the back of the compact that shows you the steps you need to ensure you get it right from the first try.

‘You can make this look as subtle or as bold as you would like, simply by using more or less of one colour. I decided to start out conservatively with the 505 Decadent pan and focused more on the lighter shades in the compact. I liked the way it highlighted my eyes and didn’t make them look too dark. This is definitely a look I can wear during the day. Because it is long-lasting, a quick touch up in the evening and by adding more of the dark brown shade you have a great evening look and are ready for a night on the town.

‘This is a must-have for any lady’s handbag, even if you’re not looking to achieve a full smoky-eye, the colour pallet is very versatile and on one occasion I only used the lightest shade, which is a great highlighter, with some eyeliner and mascara to give me a clean natural look in 60 seconds. I would recommend this product to all of my friends without a shadow of a doubt.’
– Jacqui

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22 Responses

  1. When I bought the Revlon ColorStay eyeshadow I chose the pallet Brazin Desinvolte 520, the reason for my choice because I like browns and earthy natural colors. The colors in this pallet just do not seem to go very well together but maybe if I chose a different pallet I would have had a different opinion, so my review I am writing now would be purely based on quality and packaging.
    The three lightest colors in the pallet is very sheer and you basically have to paste it on your eyes to get any effect, for the darkest color in the pallet (which is one of my daily routine shadows) I would give an A+ as it is very pigmented and long-lasting ( I cannot comment on 16 hours, because I never wear the makeup that long)

    The packaging of this product would is say is rather elegant, you know less is more. Basic black with white text. It gives the effect of maturity. On the back of the packaging I found it so cute that they had this little How-To guide giving the client direction on the most appropriate way to apply the shadow.
    Overall for this product I would give a 6/10

  2. I bought the 520 Brazen in this product range, at a whopping price of R70 at the Clicks special! The eyeshadow Quattro comes in a sweet little black plastic container, with it’s own applicator. I like the fact that on the back of the container it comes with instructions on how to apply the various colours to each section of the eye. I did find the lighter yellow colour in 520 Brazen not to be well suited to my skin tone, but was pleased with the other colours.

  3. I own the nude quad and find it perfect for everyday wear especially for work, they don’t have much of a staying power as I would like but great eye shadow quads to carry around and for everyday use.

  4. I bought a quad when I first started working so that I have a neutral go to look to wear every day. I bought the Moonlit one, because I loved the colours. They are magnificent. The eyeshadow is beautiful, well pigmented, long lasting and gentle and easy to apply with a brush or with your fingers. The only problem I have is that it creases like crazy, which is really not ideal. I tried wearing an eyeshadow base to see if that will help, but it just creases even more so when you buy this product, just be aware that it is gorgeous, but after about 2 or 3 hours, you might want to blend out the crease of your eyes.

  5. I have had a lot of eyeshadow in my life-time already, only not wanting them because they did not live up to their ‘STAYING POWER’. Then one day being at the store where I usually buy my make-up goodies, I was browsing through the Revlon make-up and decided to take only one of the Revlon ColourStay 16 Hour Eyeshadows for now. The natural colours I use the most, and I always replace an eyeshadow if it is nearing a year of usage. When an eyeshadow gets old, microbes are minute and are in the powder – but not visible to the naked eye.This can cause bacteria to get into the eye and in turn cause infection.It is therefore more sensible to always buy a single holder of one pallet colour and not a big holder with 12 colours in. Some colours will be used up far quicker than others-while others are not used, microbes causing bacteria to settle in the powder, can then transfer microbes to other colours. But this handy little pack of only a few of a colour shade, it will not go to waste. It is a unique creamy, yet a powder eye shadow. You can actually feel it’s richness.It is an eyeshadow with STAYING POWER, as it should be. All the colours are there that you need in one quad of a certain SHADE. Everything you need to add depth or to highlight. Each SHADE comes neatly packed for you, able to choose for when you travel ,it is so compact you will be able to travel with ALL THREE COLOUR QUADS, and still have place for all your other beauty needs. Always remember to wash you applicator regularly as this will keep it free from bacterial microbes and keep your eyes free from any infection. Looking good,will take you just a few minutes daily. Revlon ColourStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow are so easy to apply – even for a beginner. On the backside of each pack it tells you step-by-step HOW TO APPLY,  so that you too can have those gorgeous looks just like those in a magazine. Don’t waste money on cheap eyeshadows that do not seem to cling to the skin,rather buy quality,that you are able to feel,and see. Invest in more than one applicator, it will come in handy. Blending well is crucial when applying eye make-up, so take a little more time with this. Be daring and apply those lovely deep colours at night, it will transform your looks. After all when you look good-you feel good too. Make-up with quality stands out, it will last a good few months. Open your eyes-to a good eyeshadow.OH! by the way, always apply a little foundation also to the upper lids, this will help so that you have a ‘BASE’ to apply your shadow. Any residueof the shadow will not collect in any creases now.AND apply a small amount of shadow at a time, so it is easier to BLEND,BLEND,BLEND. A well made-up face is never to over-apply. You go girl, take to the streets and enjoy!

  6. There’s nothing better than when a makeup product saves you time and effort when you’re getting ready for the day or for a night out on the town. Revlon’s ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow is one of those products.

    I tried and tested the eye shadow in 500 Addictive Intoxiquant, which consists of four neutral complimentary eye shadow shades. Not only are these colours perfect for everyday use, but Revlon have been very helpful and innovative by marking which eye shadow colour should be used where on your eye area.

    The actual eye shadows are also highly pigmented and really do last throughout the day without any creasing. If an eye shadow doesn’t crease or fade, it’s a good eye shadow.

    The eye shadow palette comes with an awesome applicator that holds the eye shadow well. The only problem about this compact was that it didn’t come with its own mirror inside, so it’s not really convenient for on-the-go makeup application.

    I will continue to use this product and would recommend that everyone gives it a try. It’s great for those who are beginners with eye makeup. You just can’t go wrong with this eye shadow palette.

  7. I have the Addictive palette and it is awesome. It truly does last for over 16 hours and doesn’t irritate my skin. I like the fact that it has steps underneath which shows me which colour to apply where and that helps a lot because I am still learning how to apply makeup properly. Sometimes I use only 3 colours and it still looks good. I wish it came with a mirror though but the quality of the product is still 100%. Besides not having a mirror, the packaging is very compact, durable and safe to carry around without having to worry about it opening and spilling onto other things in my bag. The best thing about it is that I don’t have to do touch ups because it doesn’t smudge at all. I like it so much and will try out other colours in this range.

  8. I love this eye shadow. I’ve chucked all my cheap eye shadows when I got this beauty. I love it. Once you go Revlon you never go back!

  9. I love the colour combo. This perfect eyeshadow allows you to create beautiful looking eyes. It is a breeze to apply, and it glides over the lids giving a perfect look each time.

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