Essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish

Colour-intoxication with essence… and the 14 trendiest nail polish colors ranging from lemon yellow to orange to bright red. There’s something to suit every taste, mood and outfit! The flat brush ensures a smooth and easy application – for trendy nails with just one stroke of the brush.

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128 Responses

  1. I’ve been using the Essence range of nail polish since highschool because it was always incredibly affordable and they often offered so many colours to choose from. I feel like their quality has substantially improved over the years, where they’ve definitely kept track on trends and created a brush and formula that works really well together.

    The price:
    So the Essence nail polish retails for R29.95 (which is incredibly affordable, considering I’ve never actually run out of a colour I’ve purchased).

    The formula:
    The Essence nail polish formula is quite thick and usually dries pretty fast. With some colours, I can get away with one coat, whereas with others I just have to do two coats. On my nails, I can go about 5 days without the nail polish chipping off (which is really awesome). I find what helps is preppy your nails before applying the nail polish, by buffing them and applying a base coat.

    These are my favourite brand nail polishes, simply because they work for me in both budget and quality. I haven’t had any issues with the product and I now probably own about 30 colours.

  2. I love Essence’s nail polish range and more specifically the wide range of shades and textures. The colors that are available are just amazing, you’ll definitely find a few you’ll like. They’re super affordable and dry fairly quickly. My only critique is that it isn’t too long lasting and starts to chip off after about 3 days. But for the very affordable price and wide variety to choose from, I don’t mind it at all.

  3. Essence’s nail polishes are stunning and they have every finish you can think of. These ones are great though as they are some of the first I got to try when discovering Essence. With two coats they give a fully opaque colour and they are fast drying. No one needs a nail colour that takes forever to dry anymore. These are great and the colour selection is funky and fresh! Always on trend as with all Essence Nail Polishes.

  4. Being a student who absolutely loves beauty products, I’m always on the the lookout for great products at even better prices and that’s exactly what I found in these nail polishes. They’re incredibly affordable and the colours, as well as the pigmentation of these, are amazing! I get full colour and coverage with just two coats, which means that these nail polishes also last longer and you can get more uses out of them. A manicure with the Essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polishes usually last me about a week or more, depending on whether I take care of my nails in that time or not. I have recommended these to my friends and they love them as well. These are truly an awesome product and in my opinion a must have for any “spending conscious” diva. Essence knocked it out of the park with these!

  5. Being a Health and Skincare specialist, it is hard to find the time to do my nails and make sure they look good enough to catch a client’s attention and ask for an appointment. Colour and Go allows me to do just that. Trendy colours, astonishing brush shape and perfectly painted nails in no time! I do not understand why people feel like this product is not for professional use. It lasts a lot longer than some of the other Professional brands. So if I were you, I would stock up on the latest colours as spring is coming.

  6. I love essence – especially the nail polish, it lasts way longer than what i thought it would, and for the price I think that is a bargain. What I love about it is it is affordable, the longevity of the product is amazing and it comes in a wide variety of colors from pastels to solids and glitters as well. This product can literally be found in every pharmacy in SA which makes it pretty popular.

  7. If you haven’t tried Essence nail polish yet, I’d suggest you get in your car immediately and drive to a Dis-chem or Clicks near you. You can also log onto Takealot and order this beauty online.

    I have a bit of a nail polish fetish. I’m always doing nail art and playing around with colours (and buying new ones every time I’m in a store that sells Essence nail polish). I have built up a collection of 485 bottles of beautiful colours – although they are not all the Essence brand, Essence has got to be right up there with Essi and OPI. Essence nail polish dries quick allowing you to play around with nail art without the long drying period and the risk of smudging your master piece, and it always leave a beautiful finish once dry.

    I ABSOLUTELY love how the end of the brushes are shaped. It fits perfectly on your nail and makes it so easy to get right up to the bed without messing nail polish on your skin or leaving a huge gap unpainted!! A MUST HAVE in my life.

  8. This is definitely my go to Nail polish. Its wide range of colours are really convenient for any event; there will always be a colour to match your outfit, and the most amazing part is that it’s really affordable!

  9. If you open my nail polish box all you will pull out is essence nail polish. It is quick drying and lasts over 2 weeks if used in conjunction with the base coat and top coat. Every two weeks I change my nail colour. I am currently in love with the matte range and if I get tired of that look I add a top coat and get a nice shine.

  10. Essence has an AMAZING range of colours. The prices are very cheap for the great quality.
    What I really like is the wide brush which makes it much quicker and easier to apply the polish. Also, you’re left with a smooth shiny finish.
    The only downfall is that the nailpolish gets thick and sticky pretty fast compared to other brands (nothing some acetone can’t fix!) – but for the price, it’s definitely worth the buy.

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