Comfort Zone Active Pureness Tonic

Comfort Zone Active Pureness Tonic

An astringent lotion with micro-peeling action. Improves the appearance of open pores and contrasts their blockage thanks to the effective action of gluconolatone, which promotes exfoliation with a functional pH that is weakly acidic. Redness is soothed and reparative properties of the epidermis are preserved.

Price: R350 (200ml)

Availability: Exclusive to Carlton skin salons.

What we say:
I never use a toner because the high alcohol content in most of them leaves my skin red and irritable. When I heard that this one was alcohol-free, I decided to give it a try along with my Comfort Zone Active Pureness Hydra Fluid. I’ve been using it twice a day for a couple of weeks now and I am loving the product!

It has a fresh scent and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, and not tingly or sensitive at all. Plus, because it is alcohol-free, I am not left with any redness. My skin feels a lot “cleaner” after I’ve used it too.

The formulation contains an ingredient that promotes exfoliation and has a mini (and I mean very mini) peel action. I enjoy this because I have blemish-prone skin that needs a lot of exfoliation to stay clear and blemish-free.

I’ve definitely changed my view on toners (alcohol-free ones, anyway) and can see myself trying the rest of this range as well.

– Anien

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