Comfort Zone Tranquillity Blend

Comfort Zone Tranquillity Blend

A unique and exclusive blend of aromatic natural oils and extracts in a delicate and nourishing jojoba oil base, for a complete experience of well-being involving mind and body.

Price: R790 (50ml)

Availability: Exclusive to Carlton Skin clinics.

What we say:
Up until now, I was completely unaware that Comfort Zone produced anything other than skin care products. I was introduced to this fragrance oil blend by chance, and, like the fragrance fanatic I am, I could not stop smelling my wrist from the minute it landed on my skin.

Although I love fragrance, I am picky when it comes to choosing favourites, and it usually takes a while for me to warm up to a new scent. That’s why I was so surprised at myself for loving this fragrance straight from the start – I knew it had to be something special. I did a bit of research and found out it contains essential oils of rosewood, vanilla, cedar, palmarosa and orange.

The combination of these scents is supposed to have an anti-stress and calming effect on the body, which is possibly why I like it so much. Whenever I apply it, I can’t stop smelling my skin. The essential oil blend makes this fragrance different to others – it’s something you wouldn’t mind smelling in your home as well!

The scent lasts for hours and I absolutely love the bottle. Instead of a usual vaporizer, it contains a dropper, allowing you to apply the scent exactly where you want it. Because of this unusual packaging, I feel really special every time I use it.

– Anien

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