Eucerin Complete Repair Intensive Lotion

Eucerin’s Complete Repair now fights the relevant key factors causing dry skin. It reduces moisture loss and strengthens the lipid barrier. It leaves a velvety skin, smoothes flaky and affected skin and perceptibly reduces tautness of the skin.

What we say:
‘I had never used a Eucerin product before trying out this body lotion; the brand just never seemed to be on my beauty radar. I was fortunate enough to try out the Complete Repair Intensive Lotion (10% urea) and I was totally blown away! I suffer from eczema and have extremely dry skin. I am quite particular when it comes to body lotions and I have tried many brands, with no luck finding the perfect product.

‘Eucerin’s Complete Repair Intensive Lotion has now become that perfect product. My skin felt moisturised throughout the day and I could feel it was completely hydrated, whether it was five minutes after application or at the end of the day. The lotion has no scent, which suited me perfectly. It also reacted so well to my skin – which is always hard to find – and it didn’t cause my eczema to flare up (great!). The only down side to the lotion was that it has a very weird texture, which takes quite a well to rub in. But once absorbed, my skin felt amazing. I will never change body lotions again – I have finally found The One!’
– Janice

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11 Responses

  1. Moisture Lotion is an oil-in-water lotion with a Urea content of 5% that is designed for dry skin that is rough or tight, while Eucerin Complete Repair Intensive Lotion is a water-in-oil lotion with a Urea content of 10%. I feel this product lives up to everything I had hoped for it is healing quite well takes a little time but does help.

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