Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

An all-in-one product that gives a salon-perfect finish at home, with up to 10 days of long-lasting wear, ultimate care and fresh-looking shine.

Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure combines a base and top coat, strengthening and growth treatment and salon-inspired colour.

What we say:
‘The journalist in me secretly rubs her hands together in gleeful anticipation when I get sent products and their attached press releases make claims of “longer lashes in 2 weeks”, or “intense all day colour”, or in Sally Hansen’s case ” up to 10 days of long-lasting wear “. I was eager to get the 10-day challenge started, so when Day 1 came around I dutifully applied the shiny lacquer. Day 2 came and went, but by Day 3 I needed to remove the polish – receding colour along the edge of your nails isn’t very sexy.

‘Unfortunately the 10-day claim only lasted three days, but I must admit that I hadn’t applied a top coat. So on the second round of testing (top coat added this time), the colour lasted for four days – which isn’t bad at all considering all my other nail polishes begin chipping at the end of Day 1.

‘Aside from the long-wear claim, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure does offer a glossy finish (yay) and a creative range of shades ranging from Plums the Word, to Cherry Cherry Bang Bang and even Good to Grape – perfect plum colours for winter. It’s one of the most affordable colours that doesn’t stain my nails and actually leaves them in a great condition once the colour is removed. My nails were left stronger, and even grew quicker – maybe that’s why the polish started receding at my tips?

‘I absolutely loved the double brush which completely covered my nail in just one stroke, as well as the elegantly designed bottle Sally Hansen colours have become synonymous with!’
– Megan

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26 Responses

  1. My first ever nail product was a Sally Hansen Miracle Growth treatment I got from my mom when I was very young. I know Sally as my go-to brand for nail treatments and was more than happy tp try their nail polish. I got the black varnish. Firstly, they were very generous with the amount of polish you get. I got an even opaque black finish after only 1 coat which is rare with dark polishes. I have never seen a black polish that was this black. It looked polished and shiny. Very neat. The only downside is the drying time. It is quite a thick varnish so be careful. Sally has a quick dry product that you could purchase though. The staying power is medium to good depending on how rough you are on your hands but nothing too special. The product tends to thicken up a lot over time but I just add a drop of cutex remover to the bottle, shake it up and it goes right back to normal.I think if you took very nice care of your hands, you could get a few days’ more wear out of it.

  2. Oh how I love this nail polish! I have a bridal bling which is easy to use for my nail art at home. Love the grip which is not slippery I like the thickness of the brush too making so easy to use.
    This complete manicure set is amazing, loving all the shades and affordable too.

  3. My manicures rarely last longer than a couple of days so the promise of 10 days of perfect nails had me very excited.

    Unfortunately the colour started chipping after only 2 days. I’ll admit that I didn’t use a base or top coat, but the product description implied that this wasn’t necessary. While I loved the colour (Tempting Taurus), I wouldn’t buy this product because it didn’t as long as it promised to.

  4. I am a major Sally Hansen nail polish fan and am always looking out for new ranges from the brand and I was not disappointed with this range at all.

    The colours are gorgeous and give a beautiful finish. I use the glitter nail polish for nail art and it looks lovely as its not too sparkly.

    I actually found the polish lasted a day or two longer before chipping when I added a top coat. I used both matte and high shine nail polish which greater gorgeous finishes.

    Wide brush makes application a flash, dries quickly but you need at least 3 coats to get a complete finish. I would purchase again simple because I find Sally Hansen polishes contain ingredients that strengthen my nails.

  5. Two words: Love It! Maybe I’m just an all-round Sally Hansen fan, but I really liked this product. I tried out the Peach of Cake shade, which is a beautiful peach colour I’d recommend for this spring/summer. It is thick, but that’s the thing I love about it – no need for layers upon layers, just apply and you’re off! Plus, with its built-in base and top coat, it keeps its shine even when dry. I also created some funky nail art by adding a few other colours to it and I must admit, it looked awesome. Although I didn’t leave it on long enough to test out the 10-day claim, I’ll definitely use it again this coming spring/summer.

  6. Great nail polish! They last long, the brush is nice and it is easy to apply! I love the shine as well!

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