Nivea Creme

Nivea’s legendary Crème can be used as a day or as a night cream, helping to maintain the skin’s own protective barrier. Apart from helping to combat moisture loss, it works on improving smoothness, suppleness and guarding skin against weather extremes.

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59 Responses

  1. Guess you could say that this is/was my first love when it came to skincare. I started using it in Std.8 and my daily and nightly face cream. My skin drank it up! I followed this routine all the way through varsity years up until early 30’s. Since then I’ve moved on to other products to target those problem areas that come with age. But hands done! The single best product for young skin by far!

  2. This intensive creme comes in a handy round blue container that is convenient to carry around. It is the richest, thickest creme I have ever used and it really moisturises even the driest skin! I had a burn mark next to my lip that dried out to form a crust and this creme softened the skin within 2 days. As it free from preservatives I can confirm that it the go-to product for sensitive skin. It is very thick so it takes awhile to apply but is worth it.

  3. This product is so simple and affordable and has come to my rescue more than what I can remember. The product comes in a small blue tin and various sizes making it very convenient to travel with. Super hydrating and soothing. Makes my face feel soft, moisturised and refreshed.

  4. Nivea has always been my brand of choice and Nivea Creme is an excellent product. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all. I would truly recommend it as a product that maintains your skin’s moisture.

  5. I personally use this cream every single day and night. It moisturizers my skin, has a great smell too. no dry or flaky skin ever since I’ve started using it! I use it overnight on my lips as well, my lips are generally dry and when I apply this, by the next morning my lips are nourished, even helps with cuts on the lips, simple yet helpful method.

  6. It was the only crème I needed as a day and night cream. As a cuticle, foot and hand crème in winter in the Berg. My skin did not peel and flake off like usual and it felt protected and nourished.

  7. I really like this product especially during the dry winter days. Its thick so it moisturizes your skin well. Is also has a smell that is not to over powering!

  8. Protect and Refresh Refreshing Sun Lotions SPF20 & SPF30, both contain cooling menthol. Why menthol? Well, it stimulates the cold-sensing receptors in the skin, giving you a refreshing feeling, even in the heat of the day. The formula is light, absorbs quickly, is water resistant and hydrating. I am loving the menthol and of course loving the price!

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