Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse

An innovative, all-in-one, argan oil-infused styling product that provides holds as well as creates bouncy, smooth frizz-free curls. Specially designed to meet the unique needs of curly and tightly coiled hair, lightweight Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse gives styles ‘memory’ for a longer-lasting, soft and natural hold. Essential moisture is sealed in to keep curly locks looking their best, instantly absorbing deep into the cortex to moisturize and strengthen hair from within.

What we say:
‘Ever since I can remember my mother has always been trying to get me to use hair mousse. And even since I can remember, I’ve hated hair mousse. Not only does it make my hair dry as straw, but it also gives me record breaking volume – I could compete in a Miss Nashville beauty pageant and the height of my hair would win the contest hands down! But since I’ve started using Morrocanoil’s Curl Control Mousse, my opinion of mousses has changed.

‘With summer on its way, I’ve dumped my hairdryer and styling iron and completely shunned heat styling. (Or at least cut down heavily. There is the odd article that requires research and testing.) Instead I’m now rocking my natural curls. But with all the heat styling I’ve done over the years, my curls are no longer the perfect, tight spirals and I’m stuck with loads of frizz. Not a great look. Morrocanoil’s mousse not only takes care of the frizz it also holds my curls all day! The mousse does, however, leave your hair a little bit hard (like with hair spray) but if you gently run your hands through your curls it disappears. PLUS I no longer worry about my curls losing their bounce midway through the day.’
– Megan


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  1. I am and i will try this product these products are amazing a bit expensive but the results are awesome.

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