Mavala Cuticle Cream

Mavala’s Cuticle Cream maintains cuticles’ suppleness and softens the skin around the nail (enabling it to be rolled gently back). It provides a well-groomed contour to the nails and does not spoil the manicure.

What we say:
I LOVE nail polish. Without it, I feel as if I have not completed my look for the day. I tend to stick to very dark colours such as greys and dark reds, which wreck havoc on my nails and cuticles. This obsession with nail polish and the constant colour change means my cuticles always take strain.

Mavala Cuticle Cream is the answer I have been looking for. It is a thick and rich formula that is hydrated my dry cuticles. A tiny amount of cream goes a long way and once massaged into my cuticles, it absorbed quickly and left my cuticles soft and manageable in order to push my cuticles back with the orange stick (this is included with the cream). This product is great as it does not effect your nail polish application, but I do recommend that it be applied at night and not directly after you have painted your nails. Applying the Mavala Cuticle Cream at night ensure maximum absorption, leaving cuticles looking manicured perfect!

The smell is quite pungent – but if you can over look the smallest fault, you will have found a perfect cuticle cream!
– Janice


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  1. You can push back your own cuticles with this cream and it doesn’t even hurt.

  2. I do need a something for my cuticles, but will have to think carefully about the “quite pungent” smell.

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