Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm

Combination remover and creme quickly eliminates excess, ragged cuticles & hangnails as it conditions nails and cuticles. The result? Instantly, healthy, beautiful, conditioned cuticles that look up to 80% smoother.

What we say:
The first time I saw the cuticle eraser + balm I was enthralled. The packaging has been cleverly designed to entice potential buyers. As I have not used specialised cuticle treatments before I was intrigued as to what I could expect.

The first time I used the cuticle eraser + balm, I followed the instructions and waited for magical instant results… I waited some time. The balm showed no immediate changes, however after several days of using the balm I noticed that my cuticles had softened considerably.

Unlike an oil, the balm unfortunately takes quite some time to absorb and doesn’t wash off that easily. That being said, I will continue to use the balm as a cuticle treatment. With regular use I am confident that this balm will keep my cuticles in good condition and I would definitely recommend it to others.
– Emily


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  1. The Sally Hansen brand certainly needs no introduction in the manicure and pedicure market and with good reason. Appying this nifty little product overnight to my damaged and dry cuticles I noticed a difference in less than 5 days. And like so many great products, attention has been paid to the packaging. Neatly contained in a small, travel size jar with screw lid this little gem gives you no excuses not to pack into your weekend bag!

  2. So this is one of my products dedicated to someone who loves having perfectly manicured nails all the time which look healthy and don’t have ragged cuticles. This balm is simply amazing because its super moisturising and helps keep nails looking 80% smoother. The cuticle balm and eraser come in a rich creamy texture which can be absorbed quickly, leaving cuticles looking healthy, smooth and much more beautiful and conditioned than before. Plus this balm is super cute because it has the balm and eraser swirled into a spiral which looks very eye catching and attractive.

    My Verdict
    I would recommend you give this product a try, it has a lovely fresh scent and frequent use of the product makes cuticles super soft and nourished, I also love the container the balm comes in. It is a little hard to open which got me a bit irritated because I’m impatient, but I finally figured it out. To me the product is quite eye catching, but is also a little pricey, I would still recommend going for the product if you want to invest in a good cuticle balm which doesn’t leave cuticles greasy or oily before you paint your nails then this is the one for you! Just make sure you apply a small amount because too much can make cuticles greasy.

  3. This cuticle balm is a good idea, but hand cream and cuticle oil works just as well. If you just take care of your cuticles on a daily basis you won’t have a problem with them. Very attractive packaging, but a bit pricey.

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