Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment

Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment

Helps to relieve pimples, rashes, nappy rash, blackheads, chafing, dandruff, minor burns, scalds, chilblains, eczema, rough chapped hands, brittle nails, aching feet, dryness and minor irritations of the scalp etc.

Price: R22.49
Size: 50g
Availability: All major retail outlets

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7 Responses

  1. My face was so dark due to sun burn, also struggled with eczema and dry skin. I used cuticura ointment, and within 2 days I saw the difference. My face is restored to it’s original color, and I’m not struggling with dry skin since it’s winter.
    So much cash spent on doctors, while cuticura has been around for so long… I love cuticura ❤
    Spread the word to anyone struggling with any skin problem.

  2. Well I am not going to comment I have a question after how long does it help with pimples?

  3. At first, it suprised me had an amazing results…but buying soap and use it together ruined everything. I realised it about a week, and I stopped using soap…maybe I shouldn’t use it together?

  4. Cuticura ointment is just something else,ka sepedi we call it makgonatsohle I’ve used it for 17 full years now n iam 36 but looking 16 because of cuticura,I’ve struggled with eczema until my aunt introduced cuticura to me,I love I love please don’t ever change the products

  5. My ‘go to’ product for almost all skin problems. I’ve turned my husband into an addict as well. I especially like the fact that you can use it to treat so many different skin problems and that it’s so affordable.

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