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Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Conditioner


It’s an easy every day indulgence that, despite being a conditioner, gives masque-like results in just one minute flat.

Pricing: R52.99
Availability: leading retail stores




44 Responses

  1. This product is just amazing. I have used it for about a year now and my hair is in such great condition. I have used it along with the shampoo. It cleans my hair well and the conditioner is thick and leaves hair smooth without weighing down.

    I buy mine at clicks but also available at dischem. Comes in two sizes which is very convenient when traveling. It smells really lovely and the smells stays in your hair for a long time which I love.
    First impressions was that the product would be great because of the great brand Dove has. My friend loved it and so I gave it a try. Been using it for a year and still absolutely love it! Been really great to improve my damaged and dry hair. Would highly recommend this product!

  2. Winter and my hair are not best friends. My hair becomes slightly frizzy and flyaway and generally does not behave well at all! I’ve tried several of the “supermarket” equivalents to Dove conditioner and this is by far the best! I wash my hair every second day and with using other conditioners my day 2 hair is not looking it’s best, but with Dove, it’s like I have just conditioned and blow-dried my hair. It’s smooth, hydrated and happy. And if my hair looks good, I’m happy. A very affordable, fantastic product!

  3. I have medium length, thick and healthy hair. I use Dove shampoos for my day to day use- I absolutely love how their shampoos clean my hair and their conditioners don’t cause any build-up as I other conditioners often times do.

    As a result of having naturally healthy hair, I have never tried out a at home treatment before. I have to admit that although I didn’t believe that I would, I definitely felt a difference in my hair after use.
    I also liked how easy it was, no need to tie up hair and wait for it to work- simply use as a conditioner when you feel the need for extra nourishing.

  4. My hair became really damaged from all the curling and straightening. So I thought of giving this a try. I like that it gets rid of all the grease and leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh. The only con I feel there is – it doesn’t soften or make my hair smoother. My hair feels rough and coarse.

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