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Dark and Lovely Braids ‘n Weaves Scalp Wash

Dark and lovely scalp wash

Dark and Lovely Braids ‘n Weave Scalp Wash is a no-rinse cleanser that removes dirt and excess oil to refresh your scalp between regular shampoos.

Price: R25.95
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide


3 Responses

  1. So I got this product about 3 months ago when I had box braids. I desperately needed to clean the front of braids, it was looking a tad bit dodgy. So I tried it, if I remember correctly you apply it then you leave it on, and you wipe the area where you a applied it with a wet cloth…well that’s what I did…ummmmm I hope that’s what I was meant to do. Anyway, two days after using this product my scalp started to flake, I didn’t expect it to flake, so I felt a bit disappointed with this product. I would like to confess that I was on accutane at that time, so that may have contributed to how my scalp got so dry. I still have a full bottled of this, so I will give it another go. Lets see!

  2. This is a great product for cleaning the scalp and getting rid of product build-up in between washes. The applicator tip is an absolute god-send and makes sure you can wash your whole head. It has a nice perfume-like scent that’s not overpowering. The gel-like consistency easily melts into the scalp and dries off. I used this product in between hair washes to clean my scalp and what makes it so great is that, not only can you reach every inch of your hair, but you can clean your scalp without having to wash with shampoo and water, and risk losing your weave, cornrows or braids.
    – Chido

  3. Keep your scalp and braids or weave clean with this scalp wash that requires no water. The nozzle applicator allows for neat application that helps to preserve your hairstyle’s neatness.

    The scalp wash’s packing is unlike other similar products as it has a nozzle on the end that you have to snip off with scissors. This makes applying directly onto your scalp easier and prevents too much of the product getting onto your hair or braids.

    The instructions on the bottle are very easy to read and to follow. The nozzle makes it easy to place the product on your scalp and a gentle squeeze gives control over how much comes out.

    I left the scalp wash on for a couple of minutes, before dabbing it off with a cotton pad, as instructed on the bottle. There was not a lot of liquid on my scalp, and it is possible that I put too little.

    I am generally sceptical of any type of washing that does not involve any water, and that may contribute to why my scalp did not feel ‘clean’. However, it did have a cooling effect that helped relieve scalp itchiness.

    I am unlikely to purchase this product in the future and would rather us an anti-itch spray to relieve itchiness when I have braids on.

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