DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream

DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream

Bio-Hydrating cream is a highly effective lightweight emollient, moisturising and rejuvenating cream. It is a great all-round moisturiser, recommended for all types of non-problematic skin – it leaves it soft and glowing. Excellent results are achieved when used with accompanying, skincare boosters. This cream acts against skin dehydration and effectively helps to improve firmness.

Price: R430
Size: 57ml
Availability: Selected dermatologists, skin care professionals, doctors and medi-spas.


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  1. I have very fussy skin – it’s sensitive AND dehydrated in places AND oily (especially going into the summer months here in Durban).

    I’ve been battling to find a cream that can help with all of these, without irritating one of the concerns – usually creams for dehydrated or sensitive skin make my skin too oily, or creams that help oiliness irritate my sensitive skin.

    As much as I DIDN’T want to love this cream when I saw the hefty price tag, I have to admit that it’s fixed EVERYTHING! One full pump is too much for one application, so you have to be gentle in ensuring you only use a half pump.

    My skin is soft and smooth and hydrated, yet not greasy, and any red patches or redness I had due to it being dehydrated are gone. I can use this day or night, and my makeup will sit beautifully on top of it, and I can still feel that it’s worked it’s magic on my skin the next morning – often I wake up and around my nose and chin feel tight.

    I am most definitely going to have to repurchase this cream, even if I only use it once a day, as it really and truly is incredible!

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