Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate

The especially fast-absorbing Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate with highly effective lactic acid absorbs quickly and has a targeted effect. It can be applied locally but also on larger areas, visibly improves the skin’s complexion and can take the place of your care product, for very oily skin.

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3 Responses

  1. I got this product because I wanted to treat the acne I had at the time and stop the acne before it actually formed. I wasn’t very impressed with this serum, as it would slightly sting on my skin after applying and I felt that at times it would break me out even more. I know that skin care products only work if they’re able to actually take the gunk out of the skin first, so often skin can get worse before it gets better, but I just wasn’t that impressed with the results.

    The only thing I did enjoy about the product was how well it absorbed into the skin and didn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky, which sometimes happens with serum-like products. The product absorbed so well once worked into the skin.

    Another issue I had with the product was that makeup didn’t apply well over it, even after allowing it to be absorbed into the skin. After applying primer and foundation, my skin would end up looking cakey and just rough in texture, which meant that I would then only try and use it in the evenings before bed.

  2. I love the eucerin range but im not completely sold on this product. I used it primarily as a night cream as I preffer to have something with an SPF for the day but I found it a little oily and I found that I got one or two pimples after using it for a week. I stopped using it and went back to the eucerin night cream and the pimples disappeared. So I would suggest really using it sparingly and not every day.

  3. I’ve seen a great improvement after only a few days. No more inflammation and my skin’s appearance has improved without drying it out.

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