Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour

Stop nails from breaking with Sally Hansen’s next generation of Diamond Strength. Who says you can’t buy yourself diamonds? Sally Hansen is putting luxury at your fingertips with the latest in glamorous nails. Infused with real micro-diamonds, platinum and aluminum, these pampering new formulas deliver brilliant strengthening colour, 10-day protection from breaking and rock-hard, long-lasting shine.

What we say:
‘I have very weak nails that peel and break very easily. So a nail polish that promises to “instantly bond with nails to provide a shatterproof, diamond hard protective coating that virtually ends splitting, cracking and peeling”, I’m definitely going to give it a try.

‘I like this nail polish. It dries quickly and doesn’t need a topcoat. It has a great finish: shiny, excellent colour and it lasted pretty long. On my toenails, I went three weeks before having to redo them. On my fingernails, however, the colour only lasted about a week. Unfortunately it’s not completely chip-resistant; the colour did start to chip around the base of my fingernails. Overall, it’s a decent nail polish but all the hype about being tough as diamonds and chip-resistant is just that, hype.’
– Tara

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20 Responses

  1. Sally Hansen has been used by my grandma and it is a favorite in our family among the women. I got mine in a pale-pink color called brilliant cut no4. The bottle it came in looked like a diamond with a little diamond rhinestone set in the bottle. I love it when companies pay attention to little details like these. The color was also stunning and kept for 5 days with me.

  2. As far as nail polishes go, this is definitely one of the better quality ones. The consistency is light, spreads easily and does not streak, The brush is of good quality and with a few strokes your nails are covered. It dries quickly and the sparkly variant picks up any monotone nail colour instantly to give it a girlishly pretty sparkle without interfering with the base colour.

  3. I really adore Sally Hansen Nail polishes, they are amazing quality and I like the applicator brush, it gives me a smooth finish. The only problem I seem to get is that it doesn’t last long at all. My nails start to chip after day 2 and I am too lazy to reapply every time.

  4. I have been using Sally Hansen products for about 10 years now and i am only 25. I was instantly attracted to the beautiful bottles but was amazed at the way my nails looked when they were done. I am a big fan of the diamond strenght no chip nail color. I have lots and lots and i love them and use them all the time. I would recomend this product to anyone.

  5. Diamond, no chip nails, gotta try this.
    they hav gorgeous colors too

  6. Heard so many good things about this product but still have yet to try it! Have such brittle nails too so I really should!

  7. This is every girls dream polish, it has long lasting colour and less chips than other polishes.

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