Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask contains African Macadamia Oil, blended with coconut and Sweet Almond Oil it can be used weekly or more frequently as needed to deeply nourish hair, leaving it sublimely silky without feeling weighed down.

Directions: After shampooing, massage into hair and leave for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly for best results, follow with a few drops of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil while your hair is still damp, then style as normal.

Price: R99.99
Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies.

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3 Responses

  1. Always skeptical to buy products other than at a hair salon. I was pleasantly surprised as the treatment really works and it added an extra radiant shine to my hair, well worth the price

  2. This hair mask works best in conjunction with the Pure Care shampoo and conditioner and what a treat! It is incredibly nourishing and it will tame even the unruliest dry hair! Like the shampoo and conditioner this product also smells heavenly and I even used it on my scalp, which I never do! Even though it is incredibly thick it does not make your hair oily or weigh it done, I even experienced a bit of volume on my head which is very welcome as my hair is fine. It is very affordable and this mask can be used as a treat once a week, it will also last you 6 months plus if not a year.

  3. I have tried many hair products as I have long hair thats dry and always tangled! I read about this mask and I said to myself, ‘what do i have to lose?”. Well, that was yesterday and after one use of this mask, my hair still feels like silk. Really. I can’t stop playing with my hair as its so silky and manageable. I am impressed. the best part is that it is affordable and smells amazing too! love this!

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