Dr. Gobac Starter Cream

Dr Gobac Starter Cream Pump Bottle

Dr Gobac Starter Cream was specifically formulated to prepare the skin for the more advanced activity of the Dr Gobac Cosmeceutical line. It activates all functions in the skin, kick starting the skin’s natural repair and regeneration processes. This introductory, 2-in-1 day and night cream is especially recommended for sensitised, neglected, dry and problematic skin. It is also ideal for younger skin age 20+.

Price: R445
Size: 50ml
Availability: Edgars Stores, Placecol outlets and selected salons and spas.

What we say:

Simplicity is often the best, isn’t it. We’re bombarded with serums, CC creams, BB creams, night creams and the list goes on and on (aren’t those the lyrics of a popular song..). Probably. But what about using the same cream in the morning and evening? Not possible? Guess again.

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals is produced by a local doctor and the Starter Cream is actually more for sensitive skins or very dry skins. Neither of which I have. But I tried it anyway as I was getting tired of having to apply so many things each time. The Starter Cream is a gentle, light, easy to apply moisturiser that is equally easily absorbed with no oily residue.

I LOVED the simple (there’s that word again) grey and white packaging because before I even used the product, the packaging told me that this product was all about no frills, no extra active ingredients that may cause a reaction. No frills. Only necessities.

The only downside is that it contains no SPF which is a pity.
However, I have now started mixing in my regular SPF 30 with the Starter Cream and applying it in the morning. Works like a charm.

This is my “beauty find of the year”.




3 Responses

  1. Although we are all for a product that has a built-in sunblock, what most people are unaware of is that the sunblock actually blocks key actives in the product from absorbing into the deeper layers of the skin – so you might be protected but you are receiving no anti-ageing benefit. Dr Gobac therefore rather advises that you apply its SPF25 after the starter cream to avoid blocking the absorption of the Starter Cream’s highly concentrated ingredients. – Dr. Gobac

  2. Its all very well to have a “multi purpose” cream but if it doesn’t contain a sufficient SPF for day time use, what’s the point? Our South African sun is very harsh and aside from causing premature aging the risk of skin cancer is a very real threat. Sorry, not for me

  3. I had the pleasure of using this product..and it certainly works well. My skin was left feeling soft…morning and night and certainly looked brighter. They do a sunscreen too so that helps as this has no sunscreen in it. If you want a treat – but also want good skin care then this is a definite!

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