Dr. Miracle’s Conditioning Treatment Pack

Dr Miracles Conditioning Treatment Pack

Three portable size packettes of Dr.Miracle’s product to address all of your conditioning needs:
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Leave-in Treatment & Conditioner
Anti-Breakage Strengthening Creme

Price: R54.99
Availability: Selected Clicks, Dis-Chem & Edgars stores nationwide


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  1. Where can I buy dr miracles hair treatment and for hairline. I live in Johannesburg. Please help because I’ve been looking for this products

  2. These three portable size products are designed to address all of your hair’s conditioning needs. The three conditioning products included are said to be one of the most popular products in the Dr Miracles hair care range. The three packettes (each with about 50 ml of product) are housed in the typical Dr Miracles box container.


    I found this conditioning treatment to be the most intense of the three. It is designed to help with breaking and dehydrated hair and dry scalp.

    The paste like product is a light milk chocolate brown colour and smells a lot like the Follicle Healer Hydrating Oil but perhaps a bit stronger – a pleasant floral smell with a hint of a medicine-like smell. I had applied the treatment to my damp hair after having shampooed, rinsed and towel dried the hair. Applied to the scalp and the rest of the hair, I massaged the product for about 30-45 seconds, placed on a head cap and let the treatment do it’s magic for an hour.

    The tingling sensation was intense. It gave the impression that it really was living up to its name of being a deep conditioning treatment. After an hour under the head cap, I rinsed out the product. My hair felt much softer, stronger and much more manageable even when wet.

    This was by far my favourite product of the three packettes. It gave my hair some much needed hydration and conditioning. As mentioned, my hair was stronger, healthier and had such a fantastic shine to it when completed with the Hydrating Oil!


    The product is meant to be used as a daily intensive treatment to help with hair and scalp problems. It has the very same consistency of water so be warned when pouring it out to apply to the hair or else it will run down your arms. The packaging is impractical for the type of consistency it is. It would have made better sense to have the product in a bottle – glass or plastic.

    I used this product on damp hair immediately after I had rinsed out the Deep Conditioning Treatment. My purpose was to use it firstly, to condition my hair of course, and secondly to protect it from the heat of the hairdryer. I felt no tingling sensation with the use of this product (given that the Deep Conditioning Treatment was so intense in terms of the tingling sensation, it probably did tingle it’s just that I didn’t feel it).

    I did not use the product on an everyday basis as recommended. I continued to use it after having washed my hair and applied the Deep Conditioning Treatment; and before drying my hair. Followed by the Hydrating Oil.


    I used this product a full week after having used the Leave-In Conditioner, the Deep Conditioning Treatment as well as the Follicle Healer Hydrating Oil.

    The product is a cream colour and is of the same consistency as a conditioner you would use after you’ve shampooed your hair. The smell is the same as all the other products. I found this product easiest to apply to the hair because it was not watery like the Leave-In Conditioner or of an oil consistency like the Hydrating Oil. When you dip your finger into the product, it stayed put on your finger long enough for you to apply the product onto your hair and/or scalp.

    My best recommendation for use of this product is to use it on wet hair that will need to be dried. Initially, I used this product on dry hair (which you can do according to the instructions on the product) applied to the scalp and hair. The awesome tingling sensation was really great to experience again. But once the crème had dried in my hair, I found it left my hair a little stringy, dry and a bit difficult to manage and comb. I had to apply the hydrating oil on my hair to help restore the manageability of my hair.

    I continued to use the product on my hair as I had done previously. My experience with the product took a turn for the better as my hair adapted to the product. This of course in conjunction with the Hydrating Oil to help keep the hair moisturised and hydrated.

    I wasn’t, and probably still not, a fan of this particular conditioning product. With (plus Hydrating Oil) or without it, I feel my hair would do well either way.

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