Dr. Miracle’s Follicle Healer Hydrating Oil

Dr Miracles Follicle healer Hydrating Oil

Fortified with tea tree, jojoba, and castor oil. Also contains Shea butter & soy protein to condition and strengthen the follicle. Leaves hair healthy looking and with super shine. Daily use leads to healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. Excellent as daily hair oil for shine, softness and nourishing.

Price: R54.99
Availability: Selected Clicks, Dis-Chem & Edgars stores nationwide.


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  1. This product is an energising system designed to strengthen the hair follicle and promote faster growth of hair. It is fortified with good-for-your-hair ingredients such as tea tree, jojoba and castor oil.

    The bottle is brown in colour and comes in a box packaging. The oil contents are dispensed through a dropper applicator. The bright orange sticker used on the box makes the product stand out – amongst all my hair products, that Dr Miracles box is the first to ‘jump out’ at me. A great way of reminding me an application is due!

    The oil itself smells really great – a floral smell. And although it’s an oil product, the consistency of the oil is a little runnier than what you’d expect oil to be. So you will need to be careful when using the product as it has a tendency to run down the back of your head (down towards the nape), behind your ears and down your forehead if you use too much at a time.

    My favourite part of using the product is the really awesome tingling sensation you get once you’ve applied the product to your scalp. You are instructed to massage the oil into the scalp for about 60 seconds – this also helps with circulation of blood to the scalp which helps stimulate hair growth. This also intensifies the tingling sensation. I find the almost cooling sensation really calming and feel the product really feeds the scalp and the hair.

    Another great aspect of the product is that you don’t get an oil build-up in your hair – which is great for a product you are expected to use on a daily basis. Even after multiple use, my hair doesn’t get bogged under a greasy mass. My hair remains light but strong and shiny; the scalp stays hydrated and clean – creating a healthy environment for hair to grow.

    The hydrating oil is absorbed into the scalp quite easily and can also be used on the hair shaft right up to the roots for styling purposes. I, however, prefer to use it exclusively for the scalp – using the product this way also helps it to last longer.

    It is recommended for daily use, twice a day. I however, prefer to use it once a day by applying it in the evenings (or in the mornings if I am not pressed for time). And a great product for multi-use as it can be also used for finger and toe-nails in place of a cuticle oil! I have already had a compliment or two about how great my hair is looking – it’s sleek, shiny and even though I relaxed my hair nearly three weeks ago, it still looks relatively freshly done and straight!

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